White House employee who worked with 11 US presidents dies of Kovid – NEWS 360 – AMERICA



WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Roosevelt, who served as the butler of 11 US presidents in the White House, has died of a German Kovid plague. He was 91 years old. Wilson, the longest-serving White House employee, joined the White House in 1957 as a cleaner during the then-president Eisenhower’s.

Wilson was appointed chief butler of the White House during President John F. Kennedy’s tenure. Kennedy’s wife, Jacqueline Kennedy, was the first to find that Wilson Butler’s job could be handled better. Wilson retired from the White House in 1997 but returned in 2003. Wilson retired from office during the Barack Obama administration in 2012. In 2011, Wilson had a stroke and was hospitalized. Obama and his wife, Michelle, left the White House with official honors after 50 years of service. Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, and George Bush’s daughter, Jenna, condoled Wilson’s death.

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