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Where two people were diagnosed with Kovid in Kannur Eye District, it is yet to be ascertained. The Health Department has commissioned a special team to track down the source of the illness of the residents of Dharmadam and Ayyankunnu. The condition of two health workers at the district hospital where the disease was diagnosed is also serious. The DMO said there was no community outreach in the district.

The 62-year-old from Dharmadam, who was treated at the Kozhikode Medical College, was confirmed by Kovid on Thursday. The 68 patients who were in their initial contact list were diagnosed as bedridden. A team of expert doctors was appointed to determine the source of the disease.

A tribal woman from Ayyankunnu was diagnosed with the disease yesterday. She was pregnant and was rushed to the Kannur district hospital. He was admitted to the medical college. It is not known where they came from.

The district administration has decided to tighten restrictions on the number of patients. The district collector warned that the restrictions on the exemptions would have to be brought about. The majority of those diagnosed with the disease in the past few days are from overseas and other states.

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Special team to investigate infection source of Kannur covid patients

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