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Covid 19 is a serious crisis for the film industry as it shook the world. With all the releases and shootings aside, the film has suffered a huge loss. The decision to close the theaters was announced before the lockdown was announced. With this, many films are trying to re-release OTT. This led to a dispute between theater owners and filmmakers.

Meanwhile, producer Jiz Toms has announced that Manju Warrier and Sunny Wayne will be releasing their first horror movie ‘Chaturmukham’ in theaters.

chathurmukham-team-for - 2

The film, which cost around Rs.5.5 crores, has cost about Rs 50 lakh for graphics work alone. Abhinandan Ramanujan, who had photographed films like Amen and 9. Double Barrel, is behind the camera. Directed by newcomers Ranjit Kamala Shankar and Salil, the film’s talented technicians have united behind the movie. “If you do such a great job and release the movie online without going to the theater, you can’t enjoy it,” says Tom Tooms.

Waiting for theaters to open. If only there was no other option, try quadrupam OTT release. Waiting for the Theater Experience. It was scheduled for release on April 20. “We have to open the theaters and set a new release date,” he added.

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