What is the secret of Antarctica green snow?


Researchers have revealed the secret of the green color of snow on the Antarctic Peninsula, which is an unusual phenomenon that changes the white color known to snow.

CNN quoted researchers as saying that green snow appears as a result of algal bloom in the Antarctic Peninsula, and they are likely to spread with increasing temperatures due to climate change, after they created the first large-scale map of these organisms and their movements.

                    AP Photo / JOHN MCCONNICO

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The researchers reached this conclusion after using satellite data collected between 2017 and 2019, with measurements taken on the ground over two summers in Antarctica, enabling scientists to map microscopic algae as it thrives in snow on the Antarctic Peninsula.

The researchers suggested that higher temperatures would create “habitable” environments for algae that need wet snow to grow.

It is noteworthy that green algae are microorganisms when measured individually, however, when these organisms grow at the same time, they transform snow into a bright green color, and the scene can be observed from space.

In a related context, scientists from the Argentine Meteorological Agency issued a warning that the Antarctica recorded the largest temperature in its history.
The network “CNN” America that a temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit, equivalent to 18.5 degrees Celsius, was recorded in Antarctica.

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