What is it like to be a child of Prince William and Kate Middleton?


The rules that Prince George and Princess Charlotte must follow

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a child of royalty like Prince William and Kate Middleton? The nanny of their heirs Maria Boralo revealed to the author of the book “Nanny in a Book” Louis Harron that they, like all other children, follow a lot of rules.

The kids are trained to behave like adults in public and when they show up with mom and dad they are forbidden to whine and roar.

“They are not drooling. When they hold mom and dad’s hand, they should smile and wave like them. They have no right to make dramas, whine or cry, “the author told The Sun.

Of course, they are allowed to do things that are appropriate for their age, namely to play outside. They often do it with dogs or ride bicycles in the air. What is more atypical is that they are now taught to take care of the garden.

“Yes, they get their hands dirty, but they’re also learning how to plant,” Lewis said.

As for their eating habits – they have no right to whims, they eat everything that is put on the table. The author assures that the little ones eat quite variously with different cuisines in order to prepare for the future events that await them when they grow up.

George and Charlotte have been specially trained on how to behave among other people. They are told that in order to make mom and dad happy, they must be smiling, polite and not talk unnecessarily.

The royal heirs still regularly rest in the afternoon. Their nap in the afternoon is mandatory.

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