Weyts: “Now make final arrangements for the rest of school …


“I think we should now make an arrangement that is final for the rest of the school year.” That said Flemish Education Minister Ben Weyts at the start of the consultation on a possible further reopening of the schools.

Weyts meets Friday morning with the educational umbrella organizations and the unions. They evaluate the first week of limited reopening in education. Initially, the pupils of the first, second and sixth years of primary education and the sixth year of secondary education were allowed to attend school. They are looking into whether that can be expanded.

“I think we should really be able to offer perspective to as many children as possible, in concrete terms that means that we are going as much as possible to reopen the schools,” Weyts said before the start of the meeting. “I have a concrete proposal that I am putting on the table here and I hope it will answer the questions that exist in Flanders and in the educational field.”

Weyts says he is aware of the tension between safety and practical organization. “We know that we are asking a lot of questions from the schools and we will be asking a little more after this meeting,” he said. According to him, a majority of the schools are willing to go further in the reopening.

According to the minister, the arrangement made today must be final for the remaining five weeks of the school year.

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