West Indies have decided not to watch Pakistan semi-final: Mushtaq Ahmed


Islamabad: Former Pakistani player Mushtaq Ahmed has backed the controversial claim that India deliberately beaten England in the one-day World Cup. Mushtaq was coached by the West Indies team during the World Cup. Mushtaq says West Indies players have commented on this.

If India had won against England, Pakistan could have reached the World Cup semi-finals. But this was the only defeat in the Indian League stage where they lost the match. The earlier allegation was that India was defeated.

This is the latest statement from Mushtaq. As the former Pakistani player says, ” I worked with the West Indies team during the last World Cup. Chris Gayle, Andre Russell and Jason Holder had told me at the time that India had decided not to enter the Pakistan semifinals.

It all started with the remark by Ben Stokes, the next England player. Stokes said he did not play for the Indian win against them. But Stokes did not say that he was deliberately defeated. Former Pakistan star Sikander Bhakta has turned against India in recent days.

Johnny Bairstow’s 337 for seven against England at Edgbaston on June 30 was India’s only 306 for five in 50 overs. India lost by 31 runs.

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