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Weekly horoscope for May 23-29, 2020

What do the stars predict for you for the week …

Aries March 21 – April 20

23rd. Today is indicative of your relationships. There will be events that will show you what and whom you can or cannot rely on. Infidelity is looming. You break oaths and promises. Self-control is lowered. 24th. Today it is good to start a new or parallel business. You can set foot on a new base that will provide you with a better income in the future. 25th. A day of fatal influence and attraction. Provocations in the workplace are emerging. Those born in the first decade are at a disadvantage. 26th. Today it is important to be true to the principles and the duty, not to break the rules, to be fair to your old contracts and not to rush to conclude new, independently favorable terms. 27th. The day will bring you invitations, suggestions and meetings that will give you the opportunity to enter a new market niche. Wait for a call from abroad. It is good to apply for a job in a foreign company. 28th. Today, the winner is the one who masters the magic of the word, who is familiar with the rhetoric of diplomacy and can lead profitable negotiations for him personally. You provoke someone and you get important facts. Any information received will be expensive and will work for the one who manages to get it before the others. 29th. Make a wish by noon and you will have it. This day fulfills our good wishes and helps us part with the past.

Taurus April 21 – May 20

23rd. Trust your intuition and if you feel you will be wrong, do not go in that direction. A day of temptations in the senses, of dual and unequal relationships. The pleasures of this day will be paid for a long time, but the experience will be remembered for a long time. 24th. A day to open a new store or to restart activities that were stopped in the past. 25th. Independent work is recommended for today. Stay away from anything that requires the intervention of bystanders and factors. Working together allows tricksters to rob the trusting and loyal. 26th. An auspicious day for concluding new contracts, for joint initiatives and deals. Uphold your principles, personal beliefs and ideals. It is good to travel, pick herbs, make visits to places and terrains where you can possibly settle for work, rest or life. 27th. Those born in the first decade will experience stressful situations. Moon and Saturn make refractive aspects with your Sun and Uranus of your sign. 28th. A provocative and risky day, especially for those born in the second decade. Do not make remarks or defend your opinion at any cost. 29th. By noon, you are provoked to make remarks and express your personal opinion without asking for advice. Those born in the third decade enter into unnecessary conflicts. In the afternoon you go to a truce, but not to reconciliation.

Gemini May 21 – June 21

23rd. Today will offer a lot of love, but also a tendency towards double relationships. Sun, Moon and Venus coincide in your sign, and these aspects provoke your emotional connections and can confuse many personal relationships. 24th. Do not stand in passive waiting. Make the first sod and start a new activity. It is good to light your new restaurant or other room where you will work. Those born in the third decade are moving towards a successful deal and contract. 25th. Work independently, sign sole proprietorships and do not join the company even with proven friends. 26th. Act actively, sign a new contract and start a new business initiative. In two days, Mercury will leave your sign and will no longer help you so much in your business and commercial affairs. 27th. Day of telepathic contacts. If we think of someone, he will call us. Distances don’t matter. 28th. Today Mercury leaves your sign and goes to help in the activities and business of Cancer. You will have problems communicating with others. Conflicts will erupt on insignificant occasions. 29th. By noon you can win someone with pressure and conviction, but in the afternoon only an apology and the assurance that mistakes will not be repeated will help.

Cancer June 22 – July 21

23rd. Today is marked by a premonition of the useful and the harmful. Trust your instincts and if you get tired of something, be sure to deliver it and cook it. 24th. Someone wakes up after a hard night of love. The Moon and Venus provoke even today the tendency towards side relationships and infidelities. Day for promotions and exhibitions. The passive person will be defeated. 25th. The day is contraindicated for teamwork and participation in any joint initiatives. 26th. A day of hard battles and sweet victories. Be active, arrange business and friendly meetings, unite family resources and interests, sign a new contract. 27th. The day starts hard, but by the evening the clouds are spreading, and support is coming from abroad. If you think of someone, they will call you. A day of telepathic contact and personal insight into your relationship with someone. 28th. Mercury enters Cancer and stimulates your trade initiative. You receive invitations to travel and visit. 29th. By noon, a lie can become true and vice versa. Check everything. Postpone the talks until the afternoon. By evening, it is important to return to an old relationship, deal and friendship. There are some restrictions and prohibitions. Admit your mistakes and forgive the mistakes of your loved ones. The ice is melting, it’s time to unite resources and interests in the name of children.

Leo July 22 – August 22

23rd. A tempting Saturday. The advice to your partners is not to be absent, so as not to give you a reason for infidelity. Dating is looming that will ruin family and friendships. 24th. A day to start a new business. Initiatives will bring you money and prosperity in the future. You need intense physical activity. 25th. Do not cooperate with anyone and do not take out a loan. It is not a day for meetings and participation in collective initiatives. Beware of fatal attraction and influence. 26th. A day for secular parties, for joint initiatives and for signing new contracts. It’s time to make your choice of partnership, lend a hand to quality people or withdraw from activities that are already a beaten card. 27th. Today you are expanding your powers, you are also receiving a grant or other type of support from abroad. Those you think of will call you. 28th. They are your bride on Savior’s Day. At the time, infidelity on that day was allowed if the woman had a problem conceiving. The magic of speech and persuasion works in full force. 29th. By noon, start only such work and initiative, which you will finish quickly. Long-term projects launched today will not stand the test of time. As the day progresses, people with whom your relationship has cooled in the past will call.

Virgo August 23 – September 22

23rd. Today it is good to trust your intuitive feelings. This way you will avoid unpleasant moments and “sticking” to people and places that will have a detrimental effect on you, your work and personal relationships in the future. 24th. Those born in the third decade will work harder for the interests of others. You are likely to get involved in projects and activities in which you will only be a contractor, while another plays the role of boss and distributes the extras. 25th. The requirement is to work independently. Do not share ideas and intentions. Everything you do on your own, without outside support and intervention, will bring money and benefits. 26th. This day will give you benefits, will help you enter a new and promising environment and get the best out of your contacts. 27th. Today you have the opportunity to meet or negotiate remotely with future sponsors, patrons and employers. It is good for business relations abroad. 28th. A provocative day. Manifestations of intolerance and allergy to people, products and foods are emerging. Follow the signs. If you break something, it is a sign of ending the relationship with someone present. 29th. The moon enters Virgo and in the next two days drives a heavy karmic cross in your horoscope. In the morning, wish for something to play a role in protecting your future. Confess your sins honestly and take responsibility. Don’t let a precious presence go away from your life.

Libra September 23 – October 22

23rd. A day of love and a special premonition of the future, of the useful and the harmful in your life. Dual relationships are likely, which in the future will require you to make painful choices. 24th. Be active, start a new business, light up the room where you will work and from which your main income will come. 25th. Today and tomorrow you may experience stressful situations. On this day you find yourself in a fatal attraction and influence that can put you in a subordinate position in the future. 26th. Today, your family affairs are opposed to professional ones. You will have to fight battles, to defend your interest and that of the people close to you. 27th. Today the clouds are moving and the horizon in front of you is clearing. You can get along with everyone and the contracts. Talks with future or current employers and friends from the country and abroad are recommended. 28th. The winners are those who know how to work verbally, who are part of the changes that take place and have fresh information on important professional issues. If you do not feel well informed, do not take risks, but if you are up to date with the requirements of the game in personal and business terms, do not give up taking your life. 29th. By noon, make a wish and you will have it. Try not to give anyone unnecessary information, but find out through various channels about things that are part of your personal business plans and interests.

Scorpio October 23 – November 22

23rd. Today you are heading for parallel relationships that can ruin long-term relationships and marriages. Trust your intuitive premonitions and if you distrust someone, know that this person really cannot be relied on. 24th. Today you can enter a new business environment, start a new production or business. Take moderate risks. 25th. Today you make your own desires and aspirations comfortable for others. Analyze your future plans and try to attract potential sponsors, customers and craftsmen to help you in urgent activities, repairs and production. 26th. Your strongest and most successful day of the period. Sign new contracts, make connections with new business partners, participate in glamorous parties and advertising initiatives. 27th. For those born in the first decade, the day brings risky coincidences and changes in the pre-established program. Nothing will go according to plan and rules. 28th. Hard and risky day. Limit contacts, do not speak unprepared and do not provoke others with unnecessary remarks and criticism. Do not get into fights with bosses and colleagues. 29th. By noon, the problems will be more for those born in the third decade. Broken is a bad sign. Be careful where you leave important documents and your phone. Do not give anyone unnecessary information that can be used against you. From noon you enter a period of grace. Your relationships will stabilize.

Sagittarius November 23 – December 21

23rd. Today you will meet overt and covert opposition. You find out about infidelity or you are cheating. Moon, Sun and Venus look at you in opposition to the sign of Gemini, and Mars and Neptune from Pisces provoke allergies. 24th. Today, the competition can open its new store right next to yours. The relatives’ claims to common parts and properties are intensifying. 25th. Everything you do on your own will bring you luck, money and professional prosperity. What you trust relatives, intermediaries, colleagues or business partners will get stuck in and will bring more costs than income. 26th. The day requires activity on all lines of life. It is good to conclude new contracts and enter into negotiations. 27th. You can get an offer from abroad or from a foreign company based on local soil. You are entering a strong period until Friday at noon. Trust your intuitive choice. 28th. Many stories will be told today. The winner is the one who can hear when he listens, not the one who tries to convince us of something. A day of verbal magic. People of the word will be able to win personal and professional freedoms. A compromising war will be waged at all levels and by all means. 29th. By noon, you can throw someone a greedy bait and wait for the reaction. Try to find out who is in what positions in your work and personal relationships.

Capricorn December 22 – January 20

23rd. There will be emotional moments, friendly and personal meetings, at which feelings and positions will be specified. In the evening you will be subjected to great temptations and love challenges that can marry you or divorce you. 24th. Do not go to extremes that can embitter not only your life, but also that of loved ones. Get more active in sports and social events. 25th. Don’t start working with untested people. The day is good for opening restaurants, but you need to know who drinks and who will pay later. 26th. Today it is important to be guided by instincts. You may have the wrong information on important issues and make the wrong move. Check everything. Everyone presents things as they are told, and the truth stays away from the party like Cinderella in front of the hearth. 27th. Trust your intuition. Day of telepathic contacts. 28th. From today until August 4, the planet of business contacts and communications Mercury will look at you in opposition to the sign of Cancer. Family problems and children’s needs will distract you from professional affairs and responsibilities. 29th. By noon, there will be provocative notes in your relationship at all levels. Compromises will be easy to fix. Be careful not to leave phones and notes in other people’s hands. Schedule important meetings and negotiations for the afternoon, when you are entering a successful and creative period.

Aquarius January 21 – February 19

23rd. Trust the impulses and the feeling with which you woke up. Today, the Sun, Moon and Venus irradiate you in brilliant aspects. You go to casual and non-random meetings that can change your life in a favorable direction. 24th. If you start a new business today and tomorrow or open a new store, you will win and things will develop favorably for you in the future. Don’t wait for someone to do your job. 25th. Parry any attempt to interfere in your personal and professional affairs. Aquarius is a team player, and this often allows him to be used and involved in other people’s games. 26th. One of your strongest and most successful days of the month. Apply for auditions and competitions, apply for prestigious projects and endeavors and join the battle for positions, money and extras. Your application will be preferred. 27th. The Moon enters Leo and stands in opposition to Saturn from your sign and squaring with Uranus from Taurus. Trust your feelings. Events and difficult twists in life are emerging that are compromising your relationships. 28th. It will be difficult to avoid conflicts at home and at work. A provocative day in which your every word and gesture will be misinterpreted. 29th. By noon the problems will be more for those born in the last days of the zodiac. Postpone important conversations until the afternoon, when you will find the right words and you will be in the right place. The ice in the relationship will melt, you will find common ground with those with whom you have not yet understood.

Pisces February 20 – March 20

23rd. Today there are infidelities, unpleasant revelations and termination of long-term relationships. One lie will ruin many destinies and lives. Trust your intuition. 24th. Today, your inner energy is looking for a field for expression and I hope you do not find it in the neighbors or cause unnecessary conflicts at home. 25th. Today and tomorrow you can attract sponsors, start or resume a certain business and take a step out of the crisis. 26th. One of your strongest days of the month. Expect lucrative contracts, invitations, gifts from fate and meetings that can change your future work and personal life in a positive direction. Do not deviate from your principles. 27th. Day of telepathic contacts. Your intuition works on a level. Call those you think about all the time. 28th. Be responsible in your words, requests, promises and wishes. This day makes good wishes come true, and negative ones come back in the future like a boomerang. 29th. You are entering a risky and opposing three-day period. A karmic cross will be activated in your horoscope. Conflicts with relatives and colleagues can be expected. Be careful with the dosage of drugs and alcohol. For the weekend, do not plan walks if you are allergic to pollen and do not eat in questionable restaurants. Meeting someone who always unbalances you will also be allergic.

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