We can beat Botev again in the Cup final


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The coach of Lokomotiv (Plovdiv) Bruno Akrapovich announced that at the moment he thinks only about the “black and whites” and he is not interested in offers from other clubs. Last year, the specialist, who took Plovdiv to the Cup of Bulgaria, was interested in the Macedonian Shkendia (Tetovo), but then he signed a new 3-year contract.”So far, only one thing is in my head – this is Loko (Plovdiv)! I ​​am very glad that we did a good job. Here we have more big goals that we want to achieve for these fantastic fans. I believe we can win the Cup again, why not to beat Botev again in the final. We have great chances for medals from the championship. This will bring a lot of joy to everyone, “said Bruno Akrapovich in the show” Antenna Sport “on Radio Plovdiv.

“We are working hard at the moment. We have to do it in 3 weeks instead of six, which is not so easy. We try to do everything possible to look good, to prepare physically. And we have to start playing football, we combine things. and so far it looks very good.

We woke up. The boys had a difficult period without football, without work and we had to create a good atmosphere first. I told the boys what was important and the reaction from them was very good. ”

“Mustafa Abdullahi’s contract has expired. Gustavo Weiris did not live up to our expectations, he had to have greater qualities, and he did not have a European passport, so he took a place as a foreigner. With Mirza Hasanbegovic, things are quite different The family, so it was better for both sides to separate, we hope to sign a new contract with Tomaszewicz, he is very important for us, for the whole team, he is a very good player and he has an important role.

We have new players identified, but the situation is difficult. We are one of the teams, thanks to Mr. Hristo Krusharski, which are stable. Therefore, I hope that we will be able to attract one of the players who offer us, “Akrapovic commented.

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