We: $ 60 million measure wealth with 43 other Bulgarians (Obzor)


Who’s who is on the list of brothers, written and compiled between Christmas 2004 and summer 2005?

The Polish magazine “Vprost”, which ranks the 100 richest in Eastern Europe, impressed our compatriots

The prosecutor’s office released a list of names of rich Bulgarians and their money, found in the home of the arrested Bobokovi brothers, and unlocked the conspiracies. From murders to the creation of a mythical holding of native millionaires to oppose foreign investors after our entry into the European Union.

However, our source developed one of the most probable reasons for compiling the list. From 2002 to 2005, Bulgarians were excited about the ranking of the Polish magazine Vprost. Iliya Pavlov, Vasil Bozhkov, Darina Pavlova, Emil Kyulev appear in the list. A similar ranking is expected in Bulgaria. Bobokovi ranked their probable “competitors” in it and determined their fortune at that time – 60 million dollars.

Who are these little more than 40 Bulgarians who own BGN 3 billion? Who arranges them? By what criteria? In what period did they have such financial opportunities?

The prosecutor’s office published a handwritten note seized during searches of the houses and offices of Atanas and Plamen Bobokovi. It is curious, although it is unlikely to have any special value as physical evidence, because it is most likely a ranking of the wealth of Bulgarians twenty years ago. In fact, the first three lines of this list are especially curious, in which “killed bandits” are counted, it is written alive, as well as two numbers – 70 and 62, and behind the second there is an abbreviation B-ya, which may mean Bulgaria.

According to one version of the investigators, this is a list of BGN 3 billion distributed among 45 people. In fact, the assets were valued at a certain point in time, probably fifteen years ago.

A person who knows the Bobokovi brothers well assumes that the list was made at Christmas 2004 or in the summer of 2005. According to him, the reason is more than funny – at that time Bulgarians closely followed the Polish weekly magazine “Vprost”, which each year identifies the 100 richest in Eastern Europe.

For the first time in 2002, Iliya Pavlov, the owner of Multigroup, falls below №8 in this list. In September 2004, Vasil Bozhkov and Darina Pavlova, now Pavlov’s widow, were numbered 40 and 49 on Vprost’s list. In September 2005, Poles added Emil Kyulev to the 100 richest Eastern Europeans. He is under №40, Darina Pavlova is in 49th place, and Vasil Bozhkov is already in 57th place with 700 million dollars.

At that time, the financial daily Pari was preparing the first ranking of the richest Bulgarians, which was published in 2007. However, it was really well done in 2010.

Bobokovi are successful, vain, they like to compare. However, they are not as publicly active as Mladen Mutafchiiski, Emil Kyulev, Lyuben Gotsev, Petar Mandjukov … The two brothers arrange their ranking and want to see where they would stand in it.

Our source “dates” the list in the period December 2004 – summer 2005, because it includes Darina, not Iliya Pavlov. Her husband was shot dead on March 7, 2003. The abbreviation VIS is present, and its leader Georgi Iliev was hit by deadly bullets in Sunny Beach in August 2005. One of the faces of the PEC, Stoil Slavov, was blown up in an elevator in Sofia in January 2004. and therefore it is scratched. However, Emil Kyulev, who was shot dead in October 2005, is still on the list.

Therefore, our source is adamant that Atanas and Plamen Bobokovi, who marked themselves with the name “We”, owned 60 million dollars in the period December 2004 – summer 2005. Probably because of this ranking of the richest Bulgarians, the Bobokovs assessed the condition of 70 people, noting their physical condition.

Businessman Krassimir Stoychev, one of the list, developed another version for BTV – that it was an idea of ​​the late Mladen Mutafchiiski. In 2003, the former arms dealer wanted to create something like a holding of large businessmen to protect Bulgarian industry in the event of our entry into the EU from foreign investors. Stoychev suspects that the list is related to this “crazy” idea of ​​Mutafchiiski.

“24 hours” tried to decipher the notes according to publicly known data:

G. Gergov – $ 35-40 – probably the owner of the Plovdiv Fair and Central Department Store Georgi Gergov.

Grisha – $ 150-200 – Probably Grisha Ganchev, the owner of Litex.

Darina – $ 15-150 – it can be assumed that it is about Darina Pavlova, the widow of Iliya Pavlov

Todor Dochev – BGN 60 million – This is the name of the owner of the large company for trade in medicines and pharmacy chains “Kaliman”

Tihomir Kamenov – BGN 100 million, is the owner of the pharmaceutical and hospital giant Trade League, which started production of chloroquine

Stoil Slavov, crossed out – the shot partner in the insurance company SIC

Slavcho Hristov – BGN 300 million, is a businessman from the Olympus circle (close to former Prime Minister Kostov).

Sasho Donchev – BGN 50 million. – the owner of Overgas and Sega newspaper

Radosvet Radev – BGN 100 million. – the owner of Darik Radio and one of the founders of the Doverie Privatization Fund.

Bonevi – BGN 150 million. – probably the brothers Bonnie and Plamen and their father David – owners of the bankrupt International Bank for Trade and Development. Boni Bonev later acquired Plama, and Plamen Bonev acquired Radomir Metals

Petar Terziev – $ 70 million is the former owner of the pharmaceutical company Balkanpharma, today Actavis. Son-in-law of the last social prime minister Georgi Atanasov

Petar Mandjukov – BGN 120 million – arms dealer and former sponsor of the Duma newspaper

Majo – BGN 150 million. – so called the partner in the PEC Mladen Mihalev, businessman and banker

Mladen Mutafchiiski – $ 100 million – deceased, former arms dealer

MSubev – $ 40 million – he is probably the owner of the former Orthodox Bank, later Petrol.

Maxim Dimov $ 100 million – former MRF MP, financier

Lyudmil Stoykov – $ 55 million – (crossed out) is the owner of Duni

Lyuben Gotsev – 30 $ million – the mythical center of the circle “Monterey”, o.z. general of intelligence

Lora Videnlieva – $ 30 million – widow of the late Vladimir Grashnov, owner of Mobiltel

Krasi Stoychev – $ 40 million – founded the first GSM operator and sold it to Michael Chorny and the company became Mobiltel

Krasi Gergov – BGN 70 million. – advertising boss and co-owner of BTV

Margins of BGN 20 million – brothers Krassimir and Nikolay Marinovi, key figures in the PEC

Krassimir Mitev BGN 45 million – is the owner of Astera Holding and Rubella

Ignat Kanev (crossed out) $ 190 million – American millionaire, a native of Ruse

TIM – $ 220 million – Varna business group, owners of Chimimport, Bulgaria Air, Bulgaria On Air TV

Ivan and Elena K (or D) $ 40 million – it is possible that they are Kostovs, but it is most likely another couple.

Ivan Zografski – $ 45 million – the late owner of the hotel of the same name, with business in Germany

Fibank – $ 150 million – First Investment Bank

Emil Kyulev – $ 400 million – is the late owner of DZI

Dimitar Zhelev – $ 50 million – co-owner of the Allianz Bulgaria group

Georg Tsvetanski – $ 50 million – co-owner of Balkanpharma

Vetko – $ 20 million – Probably the defendant Vetko Arabadjiev, owner of hotels

Vasco- $ 650 million – perhaps the accused Vasil Bozhkov

VIS-$ 250 million – the former security and insurance company, founded by the late Vasil Iliev

V. Zahariev – Probably the former owner of “Kremikovtzi” Valentin Zahariev

Zlatev – $ 150-200 million – maybe Valentin Zlatev

Boreto – $ 50+ million – It is not clear, but it can be assumed that it is the businessman Borislav Dionisiev

Tilev – $ 45 million – probably the former banker Atanas Tilev, owner of the Agricultural Credit Bank and Dobrudzha Bank, the companies “Daru Car” and “Daru Finance”, lives in Finland

We -> $ 60 million – it is obviously the Bobokov brothers themselves

Alexey Petrov – BGN 150 million. – former anti-mafia, businessman

Kashukeev – $ 100 million – the metallurgist Alexander Kashukeev.

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