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Kollam: Police say things could be cleared up within two days after the woman was bitten by a snake. Anchal CI said that though information has been collected on the crime branch, the case has not been forwarded to the crime branch. Mathrubhumi told dot com.

Anchal SI is investigating the case on the complaint of the girl’s parents. There was no question on Saturday. Further details of the investigation cannot be revealed now. He said things would be clear in two days.

However, even when the snake bite does not initially cause pain to the young woman, it is necessary to know the pain caused by the toxic bite, the expert in the field said. Jamal (Internal Medicine, Astor Hospital, Oman) responded. But things could be different if you were given a sedative. If anything, it should be clear at the post-mortem. In general, you may experience abdominal pain and vomiting in addition to the usual pain in the bite area. Breathlessness causes death by biting the muscles that help to breathe. It never happens that a person suffocates and dies without sleep. If a snake like a viper or a snake bites, it should cause pain and swelling in the area.

In the meantime, there are many doubts over the death of a snake bite. There have also been suspicions that the snake had bitten the young woman, as in some movies. The reason for such suspicions is the allegation that the woman’s husband is an expert in handling snakes and that Utra’s relatives have testified to this.

Uthra (25), a father of two, was allegedly bitten by a snake in the house of Eram. On May 7, Uthra was found dead in her bedroom at a family home. The snake had been bitten on her left arm.

Uthra received her second serpentine when she returned to her home after receiving treatment for her snake bite at her husband’s house in Adoor. The snake had bitten her husband’s house. Upon checking her leg, she found that the snake had bitten her.

Uttara returned to life in an unbelievable manner. The complaint states that Uttra was not aware of the snake bite and that the snake had bitten him and that he was not immediately rushed to the hospital.

Her husband Suraj, who was in the bedroom with Divasam Utra who was bitten by a second snake, had opened the windows in the bedroom at night. The windows of the bedroom with tile and AC were closed by Uthra’s mother at night. Her husband opened the windows very late at night. It was her husband who first discovered the snake. No snake bites have ever been reported in the house, the parents said.

Sooraj had snuck into the house of her husband at Adoor’s house. A snake belonging to a viper at that time was bitten by Uthra. But the second is the snake snake. The complaint also alleges that the jewelery and money given to her daughter was missing.

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