Want to be a good actor? Don’t tickle; Ranjith Shankar’s Tips For Those Who Dream Cinema


CWe are surrounded by many young people who have dreams of Nima. Today many are trying to prove his talents through tick talk and others. Tic Tac Toe has a lot of superlative dialogues and expressions as well. But director Ranjith Shankar says that those who want to be good actors should never do it.

In a video shared on YouTube, Ranjith explains what to do in the movie. Why would I want to act in a movie? Ask yourself the question. “If you want money and fame in the movie rather than the passion of acting, you can never be a good actor,” he says. Ranjith talks about Passion by talking about Anand Swamy’s acting career.

You have to think about what it takes to be an actor. He also made it clear that he should try to prep himself in acting. Videotaping other actors on Tektok can cause a lot of negative energy as an actor. Ranjith says that when you make your own video, you will understand where you stand.

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