VVD-expelled Wybren van Haga joins Forum for Democracy: ‘A fantastic party’


Former VVD member and now independent MP Wybren van Haga joins FVD and has become a member today. “It’s a fantastic party. They are all decent people. Thierry Baudet and I have been working well together in the Chamber for some time now.”

It is salient that Van Haga is now a member of Forum. Thierry Baudet’s party considerably increases his influence and clout in the House of Representatives. Forum now has two seats and with Van Haga in fact three.

“Not a merger”

Van Haga emphasizes that although he has joined the Forum for Democracy party, he will continue in the House as an independent member of parliament for the Van Haga group: “I hope for another 10 months (until the elections in March 2021) with Thierry and Theo Hiddema to work together. But there is no question of a merger. “

Van Haga was expelled from the VVD parliamentary party in September 2019. Van Haga had been under fire from the liberals for some time. He was discredited when it was announced that he had been arrested by the police with a gulp on his car. Group chairman Klaas Dijkhoff already warned him that ‘this is really not possible’.

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‘Seat robber’ Van Haga not welcome

When, according to the VVD summit, it appeared that Van Haga had interfered with his real estate company Sjopperdepop bv later that year, Dijkhoff removed him from the group. Van Haga denies that he has interfered in daily business operations. According to him, it was a private conflict with a tenant in Haarlem.

After Van Haga was expelled from the VVD, he decided to keep his seat and continued as a member of parliament independently of the VVD. An important decision because from that moment on the cabinet lost the majority in the House. Rumors immediately circulated that Van Haga would join the Forum for Democracy. Forum leader Thierry Baudet didn’t like that. In front of RTL’s camera, Baudet said crystal clear: “A seat robber like Van Haga is not welcome at Forum.”

Not out for a job

It is remarkable that Van Haga now joins Forum. The question is why he does this. Next March there will be elections to the House of Representatives and Van Haga says he does not want a place on the Forum electoral list.

“I’m really not out for a job. Baudet and I speak to each other, but we’ve never talked about a place on the list. If I get an invite, I’m going to think about it. But I’m really not I don’t know if I’ll stay in politics after March next year. I have plenty of other things on my bucket list. “

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