Virus that is more dangerous than the upcoming Corona; American scientist with warning


WASHINGTON – American scientist Dr Warnings has warned the world about the coronation crisis. Michael Gregor. He said the virus is more dangerous than the corona. The virus is likely to come from large-bred chickens, Gregor said.

The forthcoming virus is powerful enough to wipe out half of humanity. Humans eat more meat, and the virus spreads more quickly. Later, it spreads from man to man, says Gregor. Dr. Howe is featured in the book How to Survive a Pandemic. Michael Gregor made this clear.

It didn’t matter because the chickens were killed by the virus. The virus cannot be destroyed by it. Bird flu has been reported frequently in the 20th century. This can give signs of a mutation of a deadly virus. So Gregor warned that humans should follow a vegetarian diet and that the coronaviruses are only an indication of a great pestilence.

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