Violation of restrictions imposed by himself … The Prime Minister of a European country was fined for appearing without a muzzle


Prime Minister Ludovic Urban paid a fine of three thousand lei ($ 690) today, Saturday, after he breached restrictions imposed by himself to limit the spread of the new Corona virus, as he did not put a muzzle and smoke a cigarette in an enclosed space, Romania’s official news agency said.

On social media, a picture of Urban, sitting in his office with several members of the government and smoking a cigarette, spread while none of the attendees put a muzzle. Their masks were on the table.

Urban admitted in a statement of the breach of the rules, saying that some members of the government gathered in his office after a long working day on May 25, which falls on his 75th birthday, according to “Reuters”.

“The prime minister knows that all citizens must obey the rules regardless of their position. If the law is broken, sanctions must be applied,” the agency quoted the statement as saying.

After strict 60-day isolation measures in the event of an emergency that ended on May 15, the Urban government has ordered a 30-day vigil by making respirators mandatory in public transport and enclosed public places. Romania has banned indoor smoking since 2016.

Its restaurants with outdoor spaces are slated to open on Monday, under severe restrictions.

The number of new infections with Corona virus in Romania rose to 19,133 today, with an increase of 151 cases today, and the country recorded 1253 deaths.

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