vinnaithandi varuvaya sequal: ‘Why did Karthik keep Jessie alone for a decade despite knowing she wouldn’t own one?’ – gautham vasudev menon’s latest short film karthik dial seytha yenn takes the discussion to another level


Many years ago, Vinnaiyandi Varuvayya was a film that caused a stir in the minds of young people. The film was a wave in Kerala as well as in Tamil Nadu. The lovers of Kartik had a crazy love affair with a Malayali girl named JC. Director Gautam Vasudev Menon has taken the fans to a new look at Karthik and JC’s relationship after ten years.Also Read: All online together; Mohanlal cut the cake

The short film titled ‘Karthik Dial Saitha Yen’ has been taken over by fans since it appeared on social media yesterday. This short film was also featured on YouTube Trending. Vinnai Vandai Vaaruyaya was one of the biggest successes of the South Indian film industry in the last decade. Chimp and Trisha played the lead roles in the film. It is no exaggeration to say that Shah Jahan-Mumtaz-romances, which are always referred to as romantic couplets, were read in the same time as JC-Kartik romance.

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But now, with the return of Karthik and JC, the criticism has been met with praise and nostalgia. Over the decades, audiences and their thoughts have changed as film, romance and film themes have changed. The director was brought back in front of Jessie and Karthik. While some of these updated audiences have forgotten themselves through JC and Karthik in search of memories, others have not forgotten to send criticism. Most of the critics are on social media.

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Even though JC became a mature woman in ten years, Kartik is still her old lover who has not turned 17. JC continued to wander into Jessie’s memories even as Jessie went on to build her own life. Even after ten years, Karthik has not been able to get out of JC’s memory or his love affair. And what profit hath he, save he hath been weeping and casting off years? This is how critics raise questions on social media.

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Jessica now has a husband and two children. Even though Kartik swears to her that I need you, she returns and says that I still like you, like my third child. Yet, Kartik is unleashing his love for her. Maybe Karthik could have found the satisfaction he had when talking to JC and no one else. Karthik is still the loser and JC has long since passed this love. Kartik is being criticized by the cyber-logic.

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On Monday morning, Mohanlal’s birthday party chats with fellow film lovers on social media were all about Karthik and JC’s relationship, about their love and success in life, and about Kartik, who still remains a loser.

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Even when Vijay Sethupathi starrer 96 was released, a large number of fans praised the film. Many have mocked the character of Ramin. Many people have described Ram as an abbreviation for all males. The same is true of Karthik.

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