vineeth sreenivasan’s hridayam will release in theaters only | Vineeth Sreenivasan’s heart not released with OTT release Producer said it was to theaters



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The Pranav Mohanlal-Vineet Sreenivasan duo is eagerly waiting for the hearts of the fans. Vineeth Sreenivasan is back with a new movie after a long hiatus. Pranav Mohanlal is playing the lead role in the movie after the first and 21st Century films. Pranav’s heroine is Kalyani Priyadarshan. Darshana Rajendran also plays a prominent role in the Mayan river.


The location pictures shared by Vineeth Sreenivasan as the heart of the film has already made waves on social media.

The actor had said that the heart of the film is a drama category. The film depicts the life of a young man from the age of 17 to his present age.

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Vineeth has said that there are many things in his life that he has experienced in his heart. Social media has gone viral, with producer Vishak Subramaniam talking about his heart. The film, which is also a Vineet Sreenivasan’s Dream project, has been released in theaters.

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Fifty percent of the film’s shooting has been completed so far, the producer said. While all the films were getting ready for the OTT release, Vizag was answering fans’ questions. Along with Pranav and Kalyani, Aju Varghese, Vijayaraghavan, Baiju and Arun Kurien also play important roles. Hisham Abdul Wahab has composed the music for the heart.

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The actors were trying to get the movie released to Onam as theaters. Vineeth Sreenivasan is back with his directorial debut. Arvindan’s recently released films such as ‘Thanneermaththan days’ and ‘Manoharam’ have been a big hit with the actor.

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