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The former coach of Levski, Slavia and Botev Plovdiv Velislav Vutsov made an interesting statement about what is happening in the club from “Gerena”. He told a curious incident related to the former midfielder of the “blues” Georgi Kostadinov, which he added was signed to be true. In addition, Ivan Vutsov’s son asked why the Blue Bulgaria Trust owns 10% of Levski’s shares. Willy added that according to him, CSKA has about 50% fewer fans than the “blues”.

“I want to look a little further than look back. In recent years, a lot of things in Levski have been shrouded in fog and not clear. The club’s policy has been distorted – foreigners are taken, who leads them, how they come, a lot of ambiguity. Levski was almost clean when Todor Batkov retired. The shares have no value, they are given here and there. A woman Diana appeared some time ago, talking some nonsense to the fans “What it was like – it was not understood,” Vutsov said., Georgi Dimitrov

“What is the value of these 86.6% of the shares? Where does the Blue Bulgaria Trust have 10% of the shares of Levski? These are 27 people, not all fans. Why should the fans not have 20%, but there should be transparency. “It was unclear where the funding in Levski came from after Todor Batkov. Nasko Sirakov is the most suitable figure for Levski, without offending the others,” he asked.

“Emil Spasov still plays for the veterans, he is in shape. In 10 years we have to look for Nar and call him to play for the veterans of Levski. The authenticity of the club has been lost. I was a 10-year-old pickpocket, walking down the street in the Hadji Dimitar neighborhood. “I meet Emo Spasov and I want to touch him. This is Emo Spasov! Now who can you touch?”, Georgi Dimitrov

“Levski is not an object, it is not a person to be saved. Levski was created to make people happy. In recent years, we only talk about shares, about the joint-stock company.” Fans “is an expansive concept, there was a fan split, many people from these fans show up, get involved in something, give an opinion.This is not right! CSKA is also a grand of Bulgaria.Yes, it is 50 years behind us, they are probably 50% less than us in terms of quantity fans, but they still have a lot of fans “, the coach analyzes.

“Two years ago, Spas Rusev threw the shares, there were fictitious meetings and no one was startled by this thing. Vasil Bozhkov had excellent management, no problems were heard, there may have been wrong things, but old debts began to be cleared. The problem in Levski is the demolition of sector “A. Let’s take the cards and say it to ourselves. We demolished sector” A “, we took loans, this pressed the club. If then there was a Board of Directors with shareholders, they would ask how much money this will be done sector “.

“Only with fans, only with donations will not happen. When Bozhkov was in the club until the New Year, the team played in one way, then in the spring the game was different. Democracy is at the locker room door, so said my father. Let there be clear shareholders and to have a clear financial director. Gerena has legends about who came how and who brought him. You rub your eyes and wonder if you are dreaming, “he added to BNT., Georgi Dimitrov

The contract of the national team player Georgi Kostadinov with the club ends, he goes to re-sign and Diana Ivanova told him: “Yesterday I watched you, you were not so good and I will not sign your contract”. And he got along with Daniel Borimirov. And he didn’t sign and left. This is not a legend, it’s a real story, I sign under it. Vasil Bozhkov managed Levski well and successfully, I am not his lawyer, I just say. When the problems came, he started talking not to the club’s legends, but to the fans. We pushed for many years on this wrong path.

I do not believe in bankruptcy. Not everyone can own Levski, Nasko Sirakov can temporarily own the shares, but he does not have the funds for Levski, which is not shameful – he worked differently. Levski’s main shareholder in Bulgaria can be 4-5 people. Vasil Bozhkov also entered the club with a holding company.

A successful option is Ludogorets, where Kiril Domuschiev is and everyone listens to him. The strong years in Levski were when Michael Chorny and Batkov were. Then came the tale of “many grandmothers, skinny baby.”

Now the knife is in the bone. God forbid we take the Cup of Bulgaria, this will show that the highway is caught. I do not want to give wisdom to Petar Hubchev, he is an extremely good coach. We all have to be behind the team, behind the coach. We need transparency, I hope the wind comes and the fog blows, “Vutsov said.

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