Vijay becomes father: Vijay becomes father; Malayalee fans in new demand – a baby boy with al vijay and wife aishwarya blessed!


The birth of their children is like starry marriages. Tamil filmmaker AL Mohanlal is all set to marry his beloved actress, Amala Paul. Vijay has become a Malayalam actor. But the Amala Paul-Vijay relationship ended for a long time. Now the news is that these celebrities are nothing. A.L. The news of Vijay’s baby being born has now taken over the audience. A new guest arrived at the winner’s home last day.

Crown debut!

AL is a director who made his Tamil film debut in the Tamil film Kireedam. Vijay. His next film was Madrasi Pattanam. The Arya starrer film has gained international attention. Madirasi town was followed by films like Devi Thirumala, Thandavam, Thalaivaa, Saivam, Itha Mayam, Devi, Vanamakan and Dia.

Relationship with Amala!

It was in 2014 that AMA with Amala Paul took over. Vijay’s wedding took place. The friendship that started on the set of the movie ‘Devyathirumagal’, starring Chian Vikram, was getting into love and marriage. But three years later, in 2017, the two divorced.

Get married again!

Vijay and Aishwarya were married on July 11 last year. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is a doctor. The winner was born in a private hospital in Chennai.

The mother and the baby sit comfortably

Sources close to Vijay said that the mother and the baby are well. Vijay’s brother and actor Udaya is making good news on social media. Meanwhile, fans including Malayalees are demanding that Vijay be named as Amal. However, fans have celebrated the birth of the baby.

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