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The world has witnessed many countries adopt effective measures to counter the Kovid pandemic outbreak in Asia. South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong successfully managed the disease when the coronavirus spread from Wuhan, China. But the world is currently in a country that is not on this list. Vietnam shares a large border with China. Covid has confirmed only 328 people in Vietnam with a population of 10 million. No deaths due to illness were reported.

This gains in comparison to Vietnam’s economic and health sectors compared to other countries that have been at the forefront of Covid’s defense. Vietnam is the only middle income country in the world. Much of the modernization of the health sector has not yet gone ahead. According to the World Bank, there are only eight doctors per 10,000 people in Vietnam. This is one third of what South Korea has.

After three weeks of lockdown, social restrictions in Vietnam came into effect in late April. During the past 41 days, nobody got sick through contact. People’s lives are slowly returning to normal. When many countries are confused about what to do, health officials have the answer to those who suspect how Vietnam has achieved this in the face of Covid resistance. These are the government’s fast, effective quarantine, the difficulty of finding a contact list, and effective communication with the public.

Work early

Vietnam’s defense efforts had begun weeks before the first Covid case was reported in the country. In the first week of January, travelers from Wuhan, China, were given strict inspection at the Hanoi airport. Symptoms were immediately monitored. In mid-January, Deputy Prime Minister Wu Duk-Dam issued a directive to tighten controls to prevent Kovid from entering Vietnam. Medical quarantine was made mandatory at borders, airports and ports.

The first Covid case is reported in the country on January 23. Young man and father from China. The following day, the government canceled all flights to and from Wuhan. Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Fuqua declared war on Covid as the country celebrated its lunar New Year holiday. At a Communist Party meeting on January 27, the prime minister said that defending the pestilence was like defeating the enemy.

People in Vietnam are socializing and staying in front of the shop. Picture: AFP

Three days later, the government appointed a steering committee to control the disease. On the same day, the World Health Organization declared Covid a health emergency. On February 1, the government declared Covidin a national epidemic when there were just six patients in the country. All flights to and from Vietnam were canceled. Chinese nationals visa canceled This was later applied to countries like South Korea, Iran and Italy.

Vietnam has banned visitors from all countries by the end of March. On February 12, the government instituted a total lockdown for 20 days in Vadakkan Hanoi with seven Covid cases. It was the first time such a large area outside China was on lockdown. Chandra was instructed not to open any educational institutions scheduled to open after the New Year holidays. All the foresight of government actions in this manner is now behind the achievement of Vietnam.

Precise contact tracing

Critical early stage operations prevented the spread of disease through contact. As of February 13, there were only 16 cases of coronary cases confirmed in Vietnam. There were no new patients for the next three weeks. But as foreigners began returning home, a second wave began. The government kept a close watch on all those diagnosed with the disease. All those on the list were put in a two-week quarantine.

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It was supported by provincial and district-based preventive care centers and more than 11,000 primary health centers. The patient trajectory was released through the media when each case was confirmed. All those found were tested. When Bach Mai Hospital in Hanoi, one of Vietnam’s largest hospitals, became a coronavirus hotspot with 12 patients, a lockdown was put in place and a million people were identified.

More than 15,000 people and thousands of health workers at various hospitals were examined by Covid. Those involved in the direct contact list of patients were admitted to government quarantine centers. Others were placed in the Home Quarantine. As of May 1, more than 70,000 people live in the Government Quarantine Center. There are 1,40,000 people in the Home Quarantine. Of the 270 cases confirmed by Covid in the country, 43% were asymptomatic. This highlights the superiority of contact tracing in Vietnam.

Communication with the public

From the very beginning, the Vietnamese government warned the people about the spread of Kovid. Websites, telephone hotlines and phone apps are set up to inform the public about the disease outbreak and health announcements in real time. The Ministry of Health regularly provided reminders to citizens via SMS messages. More than 20,000 calls are made daily to the National Hotline.

People in Vietnam are socializing and staying in front of the shop. Picture: AFP

The country’s communications systems have been re-energized. The Ministry of Health released an attractive music video featuring a Vietnamese pop singer to help people understand hygiene practices. The video, called hand washing song number, soon went viral. So far, more than 48 million people have watched the video on YouTube.

The past experience of fighting the epidemic has also given Vietnam a boost in Covid’s defense. Vietnam has a history of successfully defending the SARS of 2002 and the subsequent outbreak of avian influenza. Covid’s name will be added to those historical dates.

English Summary: How Vietnam managed to keep its coronavirus death toll at zero

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