Vettel-Hamilton would be a sensational Formula 1 project, Marco and Ecclestone are convinced


Helmut Marco and Bernie Ecclestone are all about bringing Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel together. A similar possibility is being discussed after the four-time world champion and Ferrari announced that they will separate after the 2020 season.

“I think Vettel-Hamilton would be a sensational Formula One project,” said Red Bull adviser Marco.

“Two stars in a team that, if it has the same dominance as before, will constantly win double victories. This will not be so good for the sport. But the battle of “Sebastian Vettel against Lewis Hamilton” will mobilize many fans and spectators again. “

“Of course, I talked to Seb and we reviewed the possible options in Red Bull, but there are none. In my opinion, he will continue to compete if he goes to a team where he can win. A four-time world champion has already achieved a lot in his sport. It is in a great financial position. And I think it’s Seb’s style to stop driving rather than be on a middle-class team. This will be a bad development for the sport, but for the man Sebastian Vettel is the best solution if he is not in a strong team. “

Bernie Ecclestone has already said that it would be good for Mercedes to take Vettel

The Englishman believes that Lewis Hamilton would not have a problem with the German for his teammate.

“I would like to see Seb in a Mercedes, and against Hamilton. I think that would be great for sports and people who watch competitions. I think the two understand each other without any problems. They are both super talents, so you would have a great, great team. I don’t see a problem with Lewis, he wouldn’t worry. I know Sebastian would love a chance to compete against him. ”

Ecclestone also added that he believes Ferrari is not successful due to lack of leaders in the team.

“The situation with Michael [Шумахер] in Ferrari it was a little different (compared to that of Vettel – b.r.). I once asked him, “Who leads the team?” He told me, “I do.” There may be a key to success in his time. The problem with the Italians is that they don’t have many leaders.

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