Vesselin Minev: I am not surprised that half of Bulgaria is fighting to save Levski


According to Veselin Minev, the crisis in Levski can and will be controlled only if the shares arrive quickly to avoid bankruptcy.

For the “Horizon” program, the former football player of the capital’s grandmaster said that the legend Nasko Sirakov is the man who can help a lot in the current situation, because he knows how to solve problems quickly and it is easy to work with. Minev is not surprised by the financial assistance provided by Levski fans so far, citing as an example the many cases in which there were hundreds of supporters at the team’s training sessions.

“A lot of people came out and said that Sirakov is the person they stand behind. He is easy to work with, given that there are no backstage games. Everything is said in the locker room. During the years I played in Levski, every training session was There were a lot of people present. I am not surprised that half of Bulgaria has become more active and is fighting for the salvation of Levski. ”

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