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Bulgarian MMA fighter Blagoy Ivanov – Bagata lost to Brazilian Augusto Sakai in the main battle of the UFC Fight Night event. The Bulgarian lost the second consecutive match with a dissenting decision of the referee – 1: 2 votes (30-27, 28-29, 28-29). Bagata performed strongly in the first two rounds, but the Brazilian won the third. The Coritiba fighter used more kicks, while Ivanov relied on blows to Sakai’s head. The rich woman bled her opponent, but the judges awarded Sakai the victory.


Blagoy Ivanov started the clash more passively, waiting for a convenient moment to attack. The Brazilian started with kicks, which did not bring defeats to the Bulgarian. Gradually, Bagata attacked with a left straight in Sakai’s head, which shook his opponent. The Bulgarian led the match very skillfully. Two minutes before the end of the round, the fighter attacked us again with his left, followed by a clinch between the two. Blagoy Ivanov scored two more blows to Sakai’s head while the Brazilian continued to rely on kicks.


At the beginning of the round, Bagata placed a great left straight in Sakai’s head. Then came another blow. Ivanov tried to attack and knock down his opponent, but failed. The Brazilian continued to keep his distance and place kicks. An exchange of blows followed, followed by a clinch between the two, but the Bulgarian escaped. The rich man places new blows on Sakai’s body. The fighter from Coritiba made two blows to the head of the Bulgarian, but Ivanov responded with an exact right. The two had taken different tactics – Blagoy Ivanov placed more blows to Sakai’s head, while the Brazilian relied on kicks, which he placed in the legs and body of the Bulgarian. A minute before the end, the fighter from Coritiba received an arcade in the galva. At the very end of the round, Bagata attacked with a take-down and the two fighters were on the ground, but there was no time to attack harder.

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In the final third round, Bagata attacked with a left hook. Sakai’s answer followed, but the Bulgarian parried. The two exchanged new blows. Despite the fatigue, Ivanov placed a new left right in Sakai’s head. But the Brazilian managed to score two consecutive shots. Gradually, the Bulgarian fighter recovered and realized a new right in the head of the Brazilian. A clinch between the two followed. Ivanov tried to throw, but failed, and Sakai helped himself with the net, for which he could be deprived of a point. However, Bagata realized a right hook in Sakai’s head. The Brazilian continued with the kicks, which he placed very skillfully in the body of the Bulgarian. For its part, Bagata continued to attack with the left. One of them hit the Brazilian hard in the head. Sakai won the round and Ivanov attacked in the final seconds of the match. The Bulgarian placed a blow to Sakai’s head and that was the end of the match. Everything had to be decided by the judges.

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