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CMohanlal was a master of life, not only in Nima. Many of the star’s friends have been open about the actor’s machinations. Singer Ji Venu Gopal is sharing a school memoir with Mohanlal. Mohanlal studied as a senior at the Government Model School, Thiruvananthapuram. Venu Gopal shared a memoir of 1975. He also noted that Mohanlal had not forgotten him even after his superstar years later.

You can read G Venu Gopal’s note here

A 1975 sky star. A group of students from Government Model Boys’ School, Thiruvananthapuram stepped into the huge gateway of the bungalow to introduce the children’s telecommunication program. Venugopal in 9E singing ‘Chandramukhi Chandranmukhi’ Chandanamukhi Chandarankalitheri Varanayoula sambal and ‘Pibare Ramarasam samma’ by Sadasiva Brahmendr. A bunch of anxious heads behind the paneled glass panels in the back. After recording, I slowly walk up to my ears and whisper in my ear that Lulu is the senior 10E. നീ നീ നീ നീ ബ നീ ബ നീ നീ നീ നീ നീ നീ നീ നീ … ബ … ബ … … ബ ബ ബ … … … … … … ബ … … … … … … … … … … … … … ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((…

In 1986, the state award was presented at Mananchira Maidan, Kozhikode. KP Menon from Thiruvananthapuram We are a few singers led by Udayabhanu. Mohanlal, the real me, looks after the curtain behind the curtain. Whenever Tara was approached by the prince, who was reluctant to talk to her, she walked up to him with a smiling smile, laying both hands on her shoulder and laughing loudly.

How many years have passed. How many knots and combinations. Mohanlal is the Blessed Actor, who has immortalized all the possibilities in a normal human life for a Malayalee to be his own son, a son, a blessing, a leader and a lover. Lalu, who happens to be a senior craftsman in that old 10.E. Mohanlal, who became a perfect family man two weeks ago when he called the locals to inquire about locked-down features.

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