Ventsi Stefanov: Nasko will end the expenses in Levski


The president of Slavia Ventseslav Stefanov told BNR that Nasko Sirakov is the best option for the shares of Levski and can stop the collapse of the club.

This morning, Vasil Bozhkov announced that he was transferring the ownership of 86.6 percent of the shares of the “blues” to one of the heroes from the USA ’94.

Stefanov: Things in Levski will not end well …

“Something is happening between people that has nothing to do with football”

“Nasko has a lot of qualities that fit a team like Levski. He’s tough, he can say no, he understands football, he understands organization. It’s hard to be fooled by” fictional “players, as has happened in recent years. because he is a “learned chicken.” Financing will be more complicated for Levski from now on.

The 1.5 million levs that the fans have collected will reach a normal club in 5-6 months. At Levski with the incredible salaries …, but Nasko will end with these things. He knows how to reduce the club’s budget and at the same time raise the quality. He is not a wasteful man.

Georgi Petkov: Mr. Sirakov is a unique specialist in his field

Georgi Petkov: Mr. Sirakov is a unique specialist in his field

“He wants everyone to give away absolutely every day, in every game, in every workout.”

The model of managing rich people to give money to clubs is not successful. It is important to have your own school that produces footballers for the national teams as well, so that they can be sold abroad, “Stefanov said.

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