Venezuela warns UN: US will use military force


Venezuela has warned the United Nations of a threat of military use by the United States against five Iranian ships carrying oil to the South American country. reports RT.

In a letter to the organization’s secretary general, Antonio Guterres, Venezuela’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Samuel Moncada, described it as a “military act established in international law.”

He points out that Washington, as part of the “maximum pressure campaign,” does not allow the fuel to reach Caracasto alleviate the current shortage in the country.

Moncada also recalled information that appeared in the media that The United States may even try to confiscate Iranian ships on the grounds that they violate American law.

Venezuela: The United States is ruled by a gangster, not a president

Venezuela: The United States is ruled by a gangster, not a president

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This is a clear example of how the US government wants to violate international law and impose power on the sovereignty of other independent states., emphasizes Moncada.

He is adamant that any attempt to prevent these ships from accessing Venezuela’s ports shows gross disregard for the UN Charter and norms of international law and is a clear violation of the principles of free international trade.

Moncada urged the UN Security Council to “urgently take the necessary measures to put an end to criminal and hostile policies “, led by Washington, so as not to lead to even more serious tension.

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