Vasko Vassilev completely canceled his summer tour! The concert in Plovdiv is also canceled



After serious consideration and analysis of the current unclear situation with the conditions for holding mass events, the team of Vasko Vassilev announced the final cancellation of the 6 summer concert dates. The concerts in Plovdiv, Pleven, Varna, Razgrad, Silistra and Sevlievo will not take place. The amounts from the tickets sold will be refunded to the public”For me as an artist, as well as for my team, it is most important to be responsible to the audience and not to contribute to additional exposure to human health, such as holding a concert in almost unchanged conditions before the quarantine,” he said. Vasko Vassilev. “I believe that everything will acquire a new form of work in the organization of concerts and this will require time to build new schemes for accommodation of the audience, adequate reduction of the capacity of individual halls, more consideration of the risks with the halls. it and their climatic systems, clearer thought and rules to ensure the tranquility of each. Separately, I find it unfair to keep people’s money for more than a year. I believe that when everything becomes safer and clearer, I will be able to return with great excitement to each of these cities and happily catch up with the audience. ”

The procedure for returning tickets is as follows – each ticket can be returned and the amount is fully refunded from the site from which it was purchased.

In case the tickets are purchased from the website, there are 2 ways to refund the amounts:

1) By credit card – tickets must be sent to the following address – Speedy or Econt, 4 Todorini Kukli Str. And within 7 working days the amount on the credit card with which they were purchased will be refunded.

2) By cash on delivery or by bank transfer – tickets must be returned by mail (Speedy or Econt, 4 Todorini Kukli Str.) With a bank account to which the amount will be refunded, together with the name of the account holder and telephone Connection.

The deadline for returning the tickets is June 30, 2020.

The concert, announced for December 21, 2020 in Hall 1, National Palace of Culture in Sofia remains unchanged and tickets for it remain on sale.

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