Vasil Naidenov: I was annoyed when they pointed at me because of my sexuality


“There was a time when I was annoyed that I was pointed at because of my sexual orientation. They had even written that I was bisexual and I was not ashamed of that. That’s how some people built journalistic careers. ” This was shared by the legend of Bulgarian music Vasil Naydenov in the second part of his interview with Marian Stankov-Mont De for “NOVA Week”.

The singer admitted that he did not like fame. “When I am flattered, I do not feel very comfortable. No matter how many prizes you receive, no matter how many red carpets you go through, if you haven’t touched people, nothing makes sense “, Naydenov shares.

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He also says that popular people are more lonely. And he explains this with their greater demands on the people around them. He adds that he is demanding of himself – he often “whipped himself” and did not always believe and like what he was doing.

“You can’t do without love. It’s what makes you make music. However, it is difficult to preserve it in time and to be like for the first time “, says the legend of the native stage.

“There were times when I wanted to say ‘End,'” the musician admits. He adds that Silvia Katsarova is the man who took him out of the most difficult of these moments.

“I dream of being healthier, more resilient, the people around me to be better. I will be happy if the single feel like close when they come to my performances “, shares Vasil Naydenov.

Watch the whole interview in the video.

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