Vasil Naidenov: I sang with Tony Storaro’s son, the result was good


Vasil Naidenov STAFF: NOVA

“A few days ago I sang with Tony Storaro’s son. When a person is talented and musically literate, even if he sings popfolk, when he is musically literate, when he knows the styles, I am obliged to help if I can. The result was good. ” This is what the legendary Vasil Naidenov commented to Marian Stankov – Mont De on NOVA.

“Music is above everything. We are divided – politically, sexually, mentally, materially. And we are proving some things to each other, as if we will live for 200 centuries “, the performer also commented.

“This lack of respect between us and this crystallized bullshit – seems to be the most important quality. I have the feeling that we have to jump high all the time. I decided that it is not worthwhile for a person to be so ambitious, so ready for anything “, commented Vasil Naidenov.

“I’m very angry when I see a capable, singing boy or girl, but I feel like kicking him and telling him, ‘Move it! Move! ” Talented, but does not go forward, has no heart. This bioenergy is extremely important. Sometimes it is better to sing 5 fake tones, but to have a gleam in your eyes, to have an atmosphere, because people are waiting for that, ”said Vasil Naidenov.

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