Vasil Bozhkov gave “Levski” to Sirakov, some doubt (Obzor)


For a new giro, the shares must be returned to Dubai, with a power of attorney

Vasil Bozhkov promised to transfer the majority stake in Levski to Nasko Sirakov at exactly 10 am on Friday. However, some again questioned the sincerity of his actions, after just before that there was a sentence related to Prime Minister Boyko Borissov. According to experienced philologists, it can be considered that again the prime minister must give permission for the transaction. However, most claim that everything is in Sirakov’s favor and that the drama that has been swirling in recent weeks will finally end.

Finally, the former owner of the two home giants “Levski” and CSKA wishes success to the “blues”.

I read the statement of Mr. Bozhkov and his decision to receive the shares of PFC Levski. I express my gratitude to our numerous fans, to all Levski players, to my loyal friends and supporters for the strong support I received after announcing my decision that I am ready to receive the shares. I also express my gratitude to Mr. Bozhkov and Mr. Popov! ”, Nasko Sirakov immediately issued his own statement.

As early as Sunday, Sirakov announced that he was ready to take the 86.6% stake if it was transferred to him, after basketball coach Titi Papazov was lied to that he would take them. Instead, Bozhkov sent journalist Sasho Dikov to bring them to Prime Minister Boyko Borissov in the Council of Ministers. He refused them and they entered the coffers of the executive director Pavel Kolev.

According to lawyers, there are now two ways. One of the shares should be returned to Dubai and a new endorsement should be drawn up in the name of Nasko Sirakov, or if this does not happen in time for the shareholders’ meeting on July 6, a power of attorney will be issued for him to vote with them.

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but holds a massive package of 100 shares that cannot affect the outcome of the general meeting.

It is now certain that he will be elected chairman of the supervisory board at the next meeting.

Sirakov certainly does not intend to keep the package to himself, but to look hard for an investor to take care of the maintenance of the team, which also has serious debts.

Sirakov also won the vote on Bozhkov’s Facebook page, with more than 51,000 people taking part. He received 50.4% of the vote, which is even enough for him to win in the first round of any election. On the other hand, Titi Papazov was overtaken even by the folk singer Kondio. (See results on the left.)

“It simply came to our notice then. After Gundi, who is not among the living, “Levski” has no stronger figure in its history than Nasko. Apart from the football qualities, Sirakov undoubtedly has leadership ones, with which a person is born, which a person carries in his heart. Nasko is doomed to be the flag bearer of the Levski flag, Papazov himself commented.

He received unprecedented support from all over blue Bulgaria just when people are most sincere, when they are wounded and close to death of the thing they love most after their family and relatives. Levski’s 106th anniversary will probably be written in bigger letters than the 100th anniversary.

According to Papazov, Sirakov acted quite masculine, ignoring the insult and the fact that he had not stepped on the stadium for 12 years.

Papazov personally thanked the Minister of Sports Krasen Kralev, who told him on April 22 what should be done with “Levski”. What they both said, however, remained a mystery.

The drama has unfolded with furious force over the last 10 days.
After the refusal of the Prime Minister, the lawyers first argued to come to the conclusion of “24 Chasa” that there can be no endorsement without the consent of both parties, which must be a contract.

Then Bozhkov made his first survey on whether to release one to whom to give the shares. In it, over 85% voted for this to happen.

And so it came to the last series, with the announcement of Nasko Sirakov as the new owner.

All Levski fans hope that now the situation will calm down so that the team can play the championship normally.

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in the standings, as well as for the cup, where they have to play first in the semi-finals with Loko (Pd).

Two days ago, the boss of Plovdiv, Hristo Krusharski, personally decided to help his opponent by buying tickets for BGN 1,006 for the concert for Levski’s birthday, which falls on May 24.

However, there is still no decision on whether to go to the place where the club is organized, which is located next to the National Palace of Culture.

The stadium sold out for the birthday

All virtual tickets that were released for the concert for the birthday of “Levski” have already been sold out. Discussions are currently underway on whether to continue sales so that those who want to help can do so.

Exactly at 19.14 the live streaming of the concert for the 106th anniversary of the club will start.

There will certainly be virtual tickets for the match with Ludogorets on June 5. They have already been sold once for the match, which had to be just before the declaration of the state of emergency in Bulgaria.

Despite the generous donation from Delyan Peevski of half a million levs, the finances in “Levski” are not at the required level and the fans will continue to help the club.

Georgi Todorov can still be a temporary option for a coach

It is still unknown how the sports and technical situation in “Levski” will develop, but at “Gerena” they are ready with an option in case of leaving the coaching staff of Petar Hubchev.
A person who is well acquainted with this role will enter as his deputy by the end of the season. This is Georgi Todorov. The specialist has been working for Gerena for years.

Last year, he ended the campaign after the release of Georgi Dermendzhiev, who later became national coach. With the 1-0 victory over Etar in the barrage, Todorov brought Levski a quota for participation in the Europa League qualifiers.

In fact, Todorov, in addition to finishing the 2018/2019 season, also started it.
He was summoned as a matter of urgency by DYUSh of Gerena after the sensational failure of the Italian Delio Rossi, who failed to cope with the representative of Liechtenstein Vaduz at the start of the campaign in the Europa League.

In the spring of 2003, Todorov replaced Slavolyub Muslin and won the Bulgarian Cup with Levski.

Holmar quarantined

Defender Holmar Ejolafson resumed his training with Levski after completing the mandatory 14-day quarantine after returning from Iceland. It will be ready for a restart on June 5.

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