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Vasil BozhkovVasil Krumov Bozhkov was born on July 29, 1956 in Velingrad.

Bozhkov is a Bulgarian businessman, pointed out by he is not the only one aiming at destabilizing the country, but so is bTV. I have always said that Bulgaria is largely governed by two televisions. Now she is left alone – this is “Bozhkov TV” – bTV. This was announced by the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament and leader of the NFSB Valeri SimeonovValery SimeonovValeri Simeonov is Deputy Prime Minister for Economic and Demographic Policy until 16 in the channel “Offensive” on Channel 3.

“This television, through its influence on its viewers, is trying to shake and destabilize. “Whether it will be a marginal protest of 5 people, which will be shown from morning to night, until public opinion is set against the specific person or against the specific institution, it does not matter,” he said.

Simeonov for Vasil Bozhkov: He is a baked Dubai liar!

The former deputy prime minister is adamant that the Gambling Commission has been bought, not only in its current composition, but also in the past decades. “The Gambling Commission continues to claim that it was either bought or worked under pressure, not only in its last composition, but for decades,” commented Valeri Simeonov.Valery SimeonovValeri Simeonov is Deputy Prime Minister for Economic and Demographic Policy until 16. “Annual balance sheets have been published in which the figures have been intentionally deleted in the income statement. Such reports should impress both the Gambling Commission and the National Audit Office and the Ministry of Finance. However, these reports went smoothly year after year. I am categorical that Bozhkov’s criminal scheme existed with the knowledge of some state institutions and employees, “Simeonov announced.

Regarding the measure for reduced VAT in tourism, the NFSB leader confirmed that it is a temporary measure with a statute of limitations of 2021 and stressed that, although he understands the protest of the Minister of Finance Vladislav GoranovVladislav Goranov

Vladislav Ivanov Goranov is the Minister of Finance.

He was born on April 30, 1977.

He graduated in 1999, he is convinced that the right decision now is for the government to comply with force majeure circumstances, and not to adhere strictly to the coalition agreement on an intact tax system.

“I declare that I will do everything to prevent Ukraine’s accession to NATO and the European Union, in case the country continues in this ugly way not to comply with the rights and demands of the Bulgarian community,” Simeonov threatened in connection with the decision of the Ukrainian government to divide the Bolgrad region before the elections, where, according to him, the largest Bulgarian community outside the territory of Bulgaria is located. Talks are being held along this line and an official position of the Bulgarian National Assembly has even been sent to the Bessarabian Bulgarians.

The project of the Ministry of Finance for the State Oil Company would put an end to the monopoly of the Russian company “Lukoil” in our country “, continued Valeri SimeonovValery SimeonovValeri Simeonov is Deputy Prime Minister for Economic and Demographic Policy until 16. He added: “The second big monopolist is Lukoil Bulgaria with manager Valentin Zlatev – the company that runs the entire oil pipeline from the refinery in Burgas to Sofia and even to our border with Serbia.”

“I am fighting the battle against Lukoil’s monopoly and tax warehouses before I enter politics. This giant is practically uncontrolled and unattended, “Simeonov said.

He is poor that with the State Oil Company a competitive basis will be laid for the supply of oil products on the Bulgarian market. “About 80% of all oil products – oil and gasoline, are owned by one company. That is why it was necessary to divide the law into separate tax warehouses, “Simeonov added.

“GERB and the Ministry of Finance have mainly proposed this bill, which we will support with both hands,” he added.

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