Va Shrikumar Menon Wishes Happy Birthday To Mohanlal | My giant, for that dream to come true! Sreekumar Menon wishes Mohanlal happy birthday



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Mohanlal and VA Sreekumar Menon are teaming up with Malayalam movie Odion. The movie, which was released on a big budget film, has received mixed reviews. The duo had earlier announced a film called ‘Iruzhuzam’. But for various reasons this project was not implemented. The possibilities faded following the return of MT Vasudevan Nair to the script of the film.


Now VA Sreekumar Menon has come up with a post that gives him hope again on Mohanlal’s birthday. He shared the picture of Mohanlal with Bhima in his Facebook page.

Calling Lal Ichaka a special pleasure! Happy Birthday

My giant. Happy birthday to VA Sreekumar Menon on Facebook. Fans followed along with comments. All the fans came with the request of the director. Sreekumar Menon is in the process of getting ready for the second year after the fracture. But due to technical issues, the negotiations are still in progress. Mohanlal and VA Sreekumar Menon have joined hands in 2018

Odion was released.

TERRAL King of Malayalam The celebrations started with the fans

Odeyan was the movie that Mohanlal’s fans were eagerly awaiting. However, the film did not succeed because it did not meet expectations. Mohanlal is in the midst of a huge makeover with the star of the movie. Mohanlal’s performance in the film was very good.

Mohanlal Celebrates Birthday Mashup Video

Odeon’s failure was due to the over-hyper hype before the release. The film was released in many foreign countries along with Kerala. Antony Perumbavoor produced the movie under the banner of Asheerwad Cinemas. Mohanlal’s Lucifer has become a huge success in theaters.

This is the first time Lalaten has been home for so many days! Now I can cook

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