Uthra dies of second snake bite within a month Vava Suresh has something to say


Kollam: The news of the woman’s death in Anchal was first reported. It was later revealed that the incident occurred while she was sleeping with her husband in the bedroom. None of this information seemed unusual or mysterious.

But some mysterious suspicions surfaced when news broke that the woman had been bitten by a snake 16 days earlier. As the family lodged a complaint with the police, an investigation into the incident began.

The second time, the serpent

Uthra, a native of Anchal, was bitten twice and died a second time. She was first bitten by a snake on March 2 at her husband’s house in Sooraj. The snake bite was confirmed when he was rushed to the hospital after suffering a leg pain at night. Subsequently, he was treated for sixteen days at a private medical college in Tiruvalla.

Death and mystery

The snake bite died on May 6 while he was undergoing treatment in his own home. The victim’s husband Sooraj was at the house that day. Suraj’s husband’s unnatural behavior at the time of the death of the young woman has also led to suspicions. The family alleges that Sooraj, who came home the day Uthra died, had a large bag in his hand and suspected of having a snake in it.

If the snake creeps in more time, it will see its symptoms. Care should be taken before bedtime even if the bed snake is climbing before bed. Home for the occupants. There is no forest around. How the snake got into the bedroom of a well-built flooring house, in such an environment, is intriguing.

It is not usual to open the windows in an AC room where the airholes are completely closed. It is doubtful how the snake got into it. The snake was found near the second floor bedroom of Suraj’s house two days before the first snake bite. Relatives have told police that Sooraj reached the spot after the uproar and told her that the snake was handcuffed and put in her sack. This points to another big doubt.

More accusations

Uthra’s relatives are making other allegations against Suraj. When Suraj got married to Uthra in 2018, he was given 100 gold and a large amount of femininity. He has complained to police that Sooraj had raped Uttara several times and demanded money. The Anchal police case is being investigated by the crime branch. The crime branch said it would investigate Shastri. The crime branch investigating the case visited the house of the deceased Utra. The case is ongoing.

Wawa Suresh is speaking to Asianet News.com, explaining the details of the mysterious woman’s continued exposure to snakes and other conditions.

Will the snake get into the closed room with the AC?

Typically, snakes are less likely to climb. But there is potential in rooms with attached bathroom. If a snake is bitten by a sleeper, you will immediately know it. There will be good pain. Snakes are much less likely to reach the bed and room. The snakes mainly come to the sanctuary in search of food or to feed on the rat trail. Snakes can also reach places where pollutants have accumulated. Snakes are also less likely to come across AC.

The snake can never be caught by someone who is not an expert

A snake is not capable of being handcuffed. A snake cannot be caught by either acquaintance or self-dealing with local snake-catchers. Poisonous snakes are not the same as water droplets. We need to know its nature.

Some people experience the constant snakebite

A girl called from Kottayam has been bitten by the snake more than nine times. All are poisonous snakes. Some of the hormones identified in the snake’s diet may be due to their excess body. The whole place is surrounded by forest. The snake may enter an isolated room, and if the house or premises are in the forest, it may. Snake bites are more likely to be noticed when living and living in the home. Vava Suresh added that if people like us are called before they are beaten, will the man touch the snake with his hand?

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