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According to Jones Hopkins, c USA the confirmed cases are 1,577,140, ​​and according to Worldometers – 1,620,902. The deaths are 94,702 according to the American university and 96,354 according to Worldometers. 382,169 are considered cured, according to Worldometers, but only 298,418, according to Jones Hopkins. On May 21, there were 28,179 new cases, according to Worldometers. 6039 more on a daily basis! The deaths are 1418, ie. 15 more than 20 May.
Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump announced on Twitter that he would order US flags to be lowered in half for three days in honor of Americans killed by the new coronavirus. “I will lower the flags on all federal buildings and national monuments in half over the next three days in memory of the Americans we lost to the coronavirus,” the US president said in a statement.

39 new cases of coronavirus have been identified in Bulgaria for the past 24 hours, since 1912 PCR tests have been performed. Total confirmed cases with …

IN China officially there are 4 new cases for May 22 according to Worldometers, with 2 more than May 21. The total number of confirmed cases is 82,971, but only 82 of them are active, ie. 2 less on a daily basis and 8 are in serious condition, ie. without changing the daily basis. The healed are 78,255, i.e. 6 new in 24 hours, the deaths are 4634, ie there is no new case from May 17. But “Jones Hopkins” gives inflated figures – 84,063 cases, ie. neither 1 new, 79 310 recovered, nor 1 new and 4638 deaths, ie. without any change for the third day.
                            IN Russia confirmed cases became 317 554, of which 92 681 recovered and 3099 fatal. 8849 were opened for May 21, ie 85 more than May 20! There are also 127 deaths, ie. 8 less than 20 May.
South Korea registered 20 cases of new coronavirus infection on May 22, with 8 more than May 20. The reason given by the authorities for the greater number of cases in a few days – open nightclubs in the country and a case of 1 person, which is considered the initial source of the new infection after the first ten days of May – details HERE! With this, the total number of infected rose to 11,142, 264 people died. 10,162 have already recovered for the last 24 hours, ie 28 in 24 hours and there are less than 720 cases of “actively ill”, ie a constantly decreasing number.
IN Iran the confirmed cases of COVID-19 are 129,341, of which 100,564 recovered and 7,249 died. 2655 people are in hospital, with 80 less per day, ie. 12% of the active cases are in a medical institution, and the active cases are more than 5 times less than the completed ones. There were 2,392 detected infected on May 21, an increase of 46 people. The death toll for May 21 was 66, 2 more per day. There is certainly a new peak of the disease in Iran!
                            IN Brazil 310,921 cases were found, 125,960 recovered, but also 20,082 died. As of May 21, 17,564 new cases have been discovered, which is an awful lot, but with 3,908 less than May 20, 1,188 are fatal, ie. 277 more.

The confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19 disease) worldwide are now between 4,996,472 and 5,085,504 according to the American …

Spain for the time being, it remains at the forefront of the spread of the infection in Europe, but only if we talk about the statistics of antibody tests taken, which, however, Madrid has already officially released. Without it, Britain is number one in the region, but Russia is ahead of both countries.
According to Worldometers, the confirmed cases in Spain are already 280,117, with 196,958 considered cured and 27,940 deaths – ie. about 80% of cases are closed in one way or another. Of the still active cases, 98% are in a mild condition, and 1152 remain in hospital! It is noteworthy that for 3 days now there has been no update of the statistics for those who have recovered and those in hospital.
According to Jones Hopkins, however, things are quite different because we do not count the rapid tests reported at the beginning of the epidemic, taking into account only PCR tests – 233,037 confirmed cases, of which 150,376 recovered and 27,940 deaths, ie. is. the big difference is with the healed, with over 46,000 less, and here too there is no change in the statistics for healed for the period in which there is no according to Worldometers. With these statistics on the spread of the infection, Spain is already ahead of Russia, Britain and Brazil, and Russia and Brazil are ahead of Spain, even if we include the rapid tests in the account.
As of May 21, according to Worldometers, there are 593 new cases in Spain, ie. 127 cases less than May 20, but according to “Jones Hopkins” the new cases are 492, ie. 36 less on a daily basis. The dead are 52, 48 less than May 20.

33 new cases of coronavirus were confirmed by 21:00 on May 19, and they were detected in 1432 PCR tests. With this total confirmed …

Great Britain is already well ahead of Spain in the negative ranking of the spread of the infection, if we count only the PCR tests. Patients on the Island are between 250,908 and 252,246, with the lower limit being Worldometers and the upper limit being Jones Hopkins. The deaths are between 36,042 and 36,124, respectively, according to the data of the two sources, as for May 21, according to Worldometers, 338 people died, ie. the second highest mortality rate in absolute terms after the United States. There is a reduction on a daily basis of 25 cases. Worldometers has no statistics on healed, the “Jones Hopkins” is for 1134 healed. According to Worldometers, the new cases are 2,615.
IN Italy The statistics are unambiguous on both sources – 228,006 cases, of which 134,560 recovered and 32,486 died – the second highest level in Europe and the third highest in the world after the United States and Great Britain. Of the still active cases – 60,960, 99% have mild symptoms, and 640 people are in serious condition – 36 less on a daily basis. On May 21, 642 new cases were opened, 23 less than on May 20. The deaths for the day are 156, with 5 less than May 20.
For France the statistics of Wolrdometers and “Jones Hopkins” still differ, although with less – confirmed patients are 181 826 according to Worldometers and 181 951 according to “Jones Hopkins”. Worldometers cites 63,858 as cured and 63,976 at the American University. There are now 28,215 deaths, according to Worldometers, and 28,218, according to Jones Hopkins. For May 21, the new cases are 251, ie. 515 less on a daily basis and 83 deaths, 27 less than on May 20. However, many people remain in hospital – over 17,500!
For Germany the two statistical sources finally unified their data – 179,021 open cases. 158,000 were cured according to Worldometers and 158,087 according to Jones Hopkins, 8,203 died according to Jones Hopkins and 8,309 according to Worldometers. There are fewer and fewer active cases – 12,712 against 166,309 closed, according to Worldometers. Of the active cases, 92% have mild symptoms, 1,016 people are in hospital, 29 less on a daily basis. For May 21, according to Worldometers, 490 patients have been confirmed, ie. 214 cases decreased on a daily basis and 39 deaths, with 38 less on a daily basis.
The Balkans

Confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19 disease) worldwide are now between 4,896,312 and 4,986,332, according to the US …

IN Turkey confirmed cases were 153,548, of which 114,990 recovered and 4,249 died. Only for May 21 the new cases are 961, which is a decrease of 11 cases on a daily basis and for the second day in a row less than 1000 cases since March 25. The mortals are 27, i.e. 4 more than 20 May.
Romania remains in second place in the Balkans in the number of cases – 17,585, of which 10,581 have already recovered and 1,156 died. The new cases for May 21 are 198, with 2 more than May 20. There were 9 deaths, 1 less than May 20.
IN Serbia there were 10,919 cases, of which 5,370 recovered and 237 fatal. The new cases for May 21 are 86, ie. 14 less on a daily basis. There are 2 deaths per day.
IN Greece the confirmed cases are 2853, of which 1374 recovered and 168 fatal. For May 21, there are 3 new cases, with 7 less than May 20, and 2 deaths.
IN Croatia the cases are 2237, of which 1978 recovered and 97 died, ie. 3 new cases for May 21, no new healed and 1 fatal! IN Northern Macedonia the confirmed cases are 1898, of which 1378 recovered and 111 died, and for May 21 there are 40 new cases, ie. an increase of 21 cases per day and 1 death, and 11 recovered! IN Albania the confirmed cases are 969, of which 771 recovered and 31 died, and for May 21 there are 5 new cases, with 10 less than May 20, 13 recovered and not 1 mortal since May 1.

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