US criticizes Germany for reaction to Open Skies treaty


US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell criticizes German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas for his reaction to Washington’s announcement that it wants to leave the Open Skies treaty.

Instead of complaining about the US reaction, Heiko Maas should step up pressure on Russia in recent years, for to perform his duties“, said the American diplomat in an interview with Rheinische Post, published on Saturday and quoted by TASS.

Maas had previously expressed regret over Washington’s plans and assure that Germany will continue to comply with the provisions of the Treaty.

France and NATO countries regret that the United States is withdrawing from the treaty

France, NATO regret US withdrawal from Open Skies treaty

For them, the contract remains “functional and useful”

Donald Trump’s national security aide Robert O’Brien in interview for another German newspaper “Build” claims that The United States is forced to make such a decision for “Open Skies“because, from Washington’s point of view,” the Russian side is systematically violating the Treaty by refusing to allow the Americans and allies to fly over Russian territory. ”

At the same time, he says Russia uses the agreement “to fly over civilian institutions, the White House, Camp David and the golf course where the president spends his time“.

Trump announced on Thursday that Washington intends to withdraw from the Open Skies. In a written statement, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo clarified that the decision to withdraw the United States will take effect six months later.

As a reason the American side points to US violations of the treaty by Russia. Moscow has denied the allegations, saying it remains committed to the treaty, and has also filed counterclaims.

Stoltenberg explained that if Russia abides by the treaty

Stoltenberg explained that if Russia complied with the Open Skies treaty, the United States would not withdraw

Allies remain open to dialogue in the NATO-Russia Risk Reduction Council

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