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The United States has accused China of blocking US airlines
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Washington has accused Beijing of blocking U.S. airlines’ attempts to resume service in China and has ordered four Chinese airlines to share their flight schedules with the U.S. government, Reuters reported.

President Donald Trump’s administration has stopped imposing restrictions on Chinese airlines, but said talks with China have failed to reach an agreement.

The US Department of Transportation, which is trying to persuade China to allow US airlines to resume operations on its territory, earlier this week postponed several Chinese charter flights for non-compliance with warning measures.

In an order posted on the US government’s website and seen by Reuters, the ministry said Delta Air Lines and United Airlines wanted to resume flights to China in June.

The order states that Air China, China Eastern Airlines Corp., China Southern Airlines Co., Hainan Airlines Holding Co. and their subsidiaries must submit their schedules and other flight details by May 27. The US Department of Transportation warns that it may see Chinese companies as a threat to the public interest.

United Airlines declined to comment. The other US and Chinese carriers, the Chinese Civil Aviation Administration (CAAC) and the Chinese Foreign Ministry are not responding to requests for comment at this time.

The US Department of Transportation said it was “protesting the situation in front of the Chinese authorities, repeatedly objecting to China’s inability to allow US carriers to fully exercise their rights and the refusal of US carriers to compete on a fair and equal footing with the Chinese. carriers “, describing the situation as” critical “.

On January 31, the US government banned non-US nationals who had been in China for the past 14 days, but did not impose any restrictions on flights to and from China. Major US carriers have decided to voluntarily suspend all passenger flights to China in February.

Delta and United are currently operating cargo flights to China. Delta has asked for approval for daily passenger flights to Shanghai from Detroit and Seattle, while United insists on regular flights to Shanghai from San Francisco and Newark, as well as between San Francisco and Beijing.

The number of weekly scheduled combined flights between the two countries by US and Chinese carriers fell from 325 in January to just 20, operated by only four Chinese carriers in mid-February, before rising to 34 in mid-March. .

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