UNRWA suspends the distribution of cash relief assistance to refugees in Lebanon


The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) has announced the suspension of the distribution of cash relief assistance to the refugees until further notice.

In a statement, Director of UNRWA Affairs in Lebanon Claudio Cordone confirmed the suspension of the entire distribution of cash relief assistance to the refugees until further notice, including withdrawing funds from the money transfer centers.

                    REUTERS / Mohamed Azakir

UNRWA: We operate on a monthly basis due to the cessation of American support

Cordoni noted that “this decision is due to the fact that the beneficiaries are still unresponsive to UNRWA’s repeated calls to adhere to the schedule it set according to the alphabet, and not to preventive measures, including social divergence.”

Earlier, UNRWA had developed a pre-emptive plan to immunize the Palestinian camps and communities in Lebanon from this infection.

An emergency room has been established to follow up developments in coordination with the Lebanese Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization, with coordination between all programs such as health, education and the relief department to mitigate the possibility of the virus spreading.

The Agency conducts awareness-raising campaigns in all health centers, and issued recommendations to health department employees on how to deal with any medical conditions and adopting all educational means to limit the spread of any virus that harms the health of Palestinian refugees.

However, this plan did not satisfy the Palestinian national political forces and camp residents, and they accused UNRWA of failing to protect refugees from the Corona virus.

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