Unrest about partner test with support for the self-employed: ‘This affects entire families’


You can also compare the support for the self-employed with regular assistance. In normal circumstances this is the safety net for the self-employed. There are all kinds of tests that determine whether you are entitled to it. Not only your partner’s income counts, but also your wealth and whether your company is viable. For the second round of Tozo, all those tests have been abolished, except for the partner test.

“In that sense, the Tozo is already quite lenient,” says Marjan van Noort of FNV Self-Employed. She emphasizes that the big difference with employees is that self-employed people do business, and that you accept a risk. “We said from the beginning, if your partner earns enough, 2000 or 3000 euros per month, then you should not apply for the Tozo.”

Maarten Post of ZZP NL has also made that appeal. “I think that has been followed, independent entrepreneurs prefer to keep their pants on for as long as possible.”

Post and Van Noort therefore say that they have not received many worried phone calls from self-employed people. “The people who think; I want to have my full old income offset, they will struggle with it,” says Post. “But that is unjustified. Because if you are an entrepreneur, you should not expect that the government can compensate your full income if it is not good. It is an emergency measure.”

Dot on the horizon

A concern that is common with ZZP NL and FNV Self-employed persons is whether the process does not become viscous due to such a partner test, and it no longer takes self-employed persons to receive the money. In the first round of Tozo, some entrepreneurs had to wait longer than four weeks for money.

The ministry states that they expect that this will not cause any problems because the partner test will result in far fewer applications and because the partner test does not need to be checked by municipalities in advance. These can be based on a statement from the partner about his or her income. According to the ministry, this leads to less work for municipalities.

Yuri Landman has used the past few months to draw a comic book. “I heard this week that the publisher has accepted the comic book.” That will come out in five months. “That is also a dot on the horizon financially. But from me it may now be 2021.”

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