Unrest about corona infections: ‘They also walk here in the supermarket’


After previously quarantining Vion employees in Scherpenzeel, news this week that an outbreak had occurred in Groenlo. Hundreds of employees, many of whom are migrant workers, have already been tested. A big new round followed on Friday.

Mayor happy with tests

Mayor Annette Bronsvoort of Oost Gelre says that the meat industry has previously shown itself to be a vulnerable sector. She therefore applauds the preventive tests that the GGD will perform on Friday with 250 Vion employees. ‘Then you see what that yields and you can act on it. And then people can and must be quarantined. In this way you hope to prevent the virus from spreading further, ‘says the mayor.

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René Molenveld is an entrepreneur. His company is next to the slaughterhouse. He knows that employees are often brought and picked up in vans and passenger cars. Four or five people arrive by car at Vion in Groenlo. ‘They also go to the supermarket in Groenlo and go shopping. I am concerned that corona will also break out in Groenlo. There were few infections here, but if you have a fireplace like this – and those people come shopping – it won’t be long before you have an outbreak here, ”Molenveld said.

Mayor Bronsvoort, whose flag Groenlo falls, says he understands such concerns. ‘We try to answer all questions via our website. Fortunately, if we don’t have the answers ourselves, there are other agencies that can help us with that. ”

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