Unnecessary haste to practice; BCCI protests against Indian player


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The BCCI is unhappy with the move of Indian skipper Shurdul Thakur, who has been training at the ground since the central government’s proposal to open a four-storied lockdown complex. Shardul Thakur was trained at the ground on Saturday after taking all the safety precautions. However, the BCCI expressed dissatisfaction with the BCCI’s failure to seek permission from the Board before resuming its annual training with Shurdul.

The BCCI spokesman said that Shirdul, who is in agreement with the BCCI, cannot resume training without the board’s approval and that the training was initiated on his own.

Shurdul, who is also a Mumbai player, was the first Indian to go out for a workout during the lockdown. Bowling training at Shardul Nets was held at the District Sports Association ground in Palghar district, which is not in the Red Zone. Shardul also spoke to the media after the training. Shardul also said that when bowling was practiced, the ball had not been spit on by the ICC.

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Indian captains Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma and Shreyas Iyer are now in Mumbai but none of them have been trained in the outfield. Maharashtra has reported the highest number of Covid cases in the country. In this case, when the BCCI took the initiative to ensure the safety of the players, Shurdulr started training without informing the BCCI.

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