Unlock-1: Closed in Containment Zones until June 30th


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 The country is set to open after a 67-day shutdown. The fifth phase of the shutdown, which begins Monday, will be strictly restricted to the extreme zone (containment zone).

The Union Home Ministry has released the Unlock-1 Guidelines for granting phased-in activities in areas outside the intensive sector. The new guidelines are in the wake of the closure of Phase 4 of the closure on Sunday. The restrictions have been announced until June 30.

Proposals for the first phase of the opening will come into effect on Monday. Facial use and social distance are also mandatory during the unlock period. The ban on public functions will continue. Only 50 marriages and maximum 20 deaths are allowed.

At the same time, the states can decide what restrictions and prohibitions they can put outside the intensive sector. Covid extreme zones should be determined by district administrations. Only essential services are allowed here. Don’t let people walk out. Home-based monitoring, health interventions, and contact with patients should be done. The area outside the extreme zones should be declared a buffer zone. District administrators can fix the restrictions here.

There will be no restrictions on interstate travel and interstate travel. No special permission is needed for this. At the same time, states may impose restrictions on the matter in times of need. Shramik trains, domestic flights and the return of foreigners will continue as they are now. It also directed that no State should stop the freight movement along the borders with other countries.

The curfew was strictly enforced from 9 pm to 5 am. No essential services allowed.

Children under sixty-five years of age, children under ten years of age, pregnant women or those with health problems should stay at home. The Health Service App should be used for anticipating and protecting patients.

The opening took place in three stages

The first stage

From June 8th. Permission to open places of worship, hotels, restaurants and shopping malls in accordance with guidelines issued by the Union Health Ministry.

The second stage

Decision on opening schools, colleges and other educational institutions. The final decision will be taken after consultation with the state governments. Prior to this, States and UTs should seek feedback from parents, including parents.

The third stage

International airlines, metro transport, cinemas, gymnasiums, parks, bars, social, sports, entertainment, cultural events and religious ceremonies are all allowed at this stage. It is only after assessing the situation.

.content highlights: lockdown extended upto june 30 in conatainment areas

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