Under unconventional conditions … The Paris Orchestra returns to play again after an absence


On Thursday evening, the Paris Orchestra returned to play again after months of silence, by reviving its first music show since the outbreak of the new Corona virus, which caused the cancellation of all concerts since March.

French violinist, Reno Capesso, described the ceremony as “like returning to life”, although it was completely empty of the public as a precautionary measure to prevent (Covid-19), according to Reuters.

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“We are all very pleased … playing again after the long period in which everything was closed, this is a real birth again.”

The hall accommodated about 2,400 people, but only one or two employees wearing masks were attending the Thursday ceremony in compliance with the French government’s instructions to ban gatherings, although some other restrictions were eased.

During the ceremony, the members of the orchestra committed themselves to sitting at a distance of no less than one meter from each other on the platform in the hall, while not wearing medical masks.

The ceremony was broadcast on the Internet, and thousands of fans of the Paris Orchestra watched it.

On Thursday, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced the lifting of restrictions on movement within the country and the reopening of cafes and restaurants as of June 2.

The Prime Minister also announced the launch of an application on smartphones that allows monitoring of everyone who was in contact with a person infected with the Coronavirus without having been located on the GPS system in order to preserve freedoms and personal life.

On March 11, the World Health Organization classified the Coronavirus, the cause of the “Covid 19” disease, as a global pandemic (pandemic). To date, more than 5.9 million people have been infected with the coronavirus around the world with about 365,000 deaths, according to a report by the organization. Global health.

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