Umpun rams down, heavy damage to Odisha and West Bengal – VIDEOS – HEADLINES


Cyclone Umphon ravaged Odisha and West Bengal Wind speeds of up to 185 km / h could be seen. Many people have been killed in the hurricane. The deaths were reported from North 24 Parganas, Shalimar and Howrah in West Bengal. Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee told the media that most of the coastal villages were heavily damaged. The Chief Minister of Bengal said that there were at least 12 deaths in the state. Houses, buildings, trees and power posts have been damaged. The situation is worse than the Kovid pandemic. “I don’t know how to deal with this,” Banerjee said.

2. Meanwhile, there is widespread rains today. Rain is possible until the 24th. The meteorological department said that though the power of Hurricane Umpun has subsided, there will be rain. Be extremely vigilant, as lightning and wind can be dangerous. Strong winds are likely to hit speeds of up to 45-55 km / h in coastal areas. So fishermen should not go to sea. Winds are also expected at Kanyakumari and Laksha Deep Island.
Actor Mohanlal celebrates his 60th birthday today After nearly four decades of acting, the name Mohanlal has been addressed to every Malayalee. The elephants and the sea, however, are not enough. The Malayalee have mentioned one more name among them. That is Mohanlal. Even after watching the film multiple times, the chemistry of the show keeps me watching Mohanlal. That is why all people agree in the same tone that Lancetan is not a chain.
Actor Mohanlal says the movie will survive Kovid. Thirty years of his acting career went through a storm. “I would like to thank all those who pray for him,” Mohanlal told reporters on his birthday. Mohanlal spoke about the cinemas of the Lockdown period, about the cuisine at home and about the new cinemas. Lal did not hide his grief over not being with his mother on this birthday.
5. Mohanlal says he is looking forward to becoming a giant in the second year. Now the film is going through a string of unexpected cases. However, Mohanlal said he hoped he could act as a giant. After the lockdown, the film will be shot in the scene 2. Scenario 2 is expected to be very thrilling. He said that the movie was filmed for release in the theater and that it was decent enough to wait for it to be released on other platforms.


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