Umpires wearing sanitizer and gloves in players’ pockets; Cricket in Kovid’s time is like this:


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The ICC has released its guidelines for the resumption of cricket matches due to concerns over Kovid. The ICC players and match officials, who were previously banned from spitting on the ball, have also explained their compulsory compliance. Let’s see what fans will see when cricket matches resume during Kovid.

Umpire wearing gloves

The umpires will be wearing the safety gloves as the ball will pass through the hands of all players and reach the umpire’s hands. And when it comes to bowling, umpires no longer have to buy players’ sunglasses, hats and aprons. These are all the players have to keep to themselves.

Sanitizer in the players pocket

Since the cricket ball is passed through the hands of many players, players may occasionally have to disinfect their hands with a sanitizer. But cleaning the hand with a sanitizer near the boundary can save time, so players may consider sanitizing the sash or bottles in their pockets. Sanitizer bottles will also be placed outside the boundary line. Occasionally players will have to use a sanitizer to free their hands during the match.

Do not touch the eyes or nose

Players will occasionally have control over the eyes, nose and touch. The ball should be disinfected with a hand sanitizer before touching the eye or nose with the ball.

Don’t just share

Drinking water during playtime also restricts players to share with one another in a boat. Also, towels to wipe off sweat are not shared.

Coughing and sneezing on the elbow

If you feel like carrying or sneezing during play, you have to cover your face with your elbows.

Celebrations should not overstep

Celebrations such as picking wickets, scoring runs or scoring centuries should not be outrageous. Festivals that embrace each other or shake hands should be avoided.

Social distance in the dressing room

There may be social distance between players in the dressing room. But there are still doubts about how practical this is.

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