“Ultras Levski” for Peevski’s money: You sold your morale for pennies!


One of the four big fan organizations of “Levski” – “Ultras Levski” came out with a sharp position after the decision of the Board of Directors of the club to accept the donation of Delyan Peevski in the amount of BGN 500,000.

The faction described the incident as a “moral bankruptcy”, which was “unanimously accepted in the club’s kitchen”, and added: “Many people gravitating around Levski have long since sold their morale for pennies.”

About half an hour after the declaration was published, Ultras Levski’s Facebook page was closed.

We publish the entire position of “Ultras Levski”:

If the financial bankruptcy looming over our club was a big problem for the Levski community, the moral bankruptcy, which was unanimously accepted in the “kitchen” of our home, is a huge shameful stain on the Levski region. This “donation”, which we would call a test “dash “, it was so provocative and elementary that even a first-grader would not be attached to him and would return at the second. First-grader, but without ties. with their political ones, the masks finally fell.

Many people gravitating around FC Levski have long since sold their morale for pennies. We are not surprised by their statements and actions. Unfortunately, some of them today sold the morale of their favorite team again without much thought and again for pennies. Thus, they put the shame stain not only on themselves, but also on every real Levskar. The same crumbs coming at the “right time, in the right place” could be collected in five days by the Levska community. And after these five days the club would come out much stronger, and the Levski players – much more determined and sure that they have taken the right path – the one that leads to “Clean and free Levski”.

The provocation, which was done extremely cunningly at a very important moment, was successful. The preliminary “dash” test has been passed. Unfortunately, the score is WEAK 2. We are waiting for the real test, which is obviously coming. If someone thinks or hopes that the crumbs thrown yesterday are a salvation for the team or live their lives in a cruel delusion, or follow the interests that lead FC “Levski” to the abyss. It is these crumbs that raise the biggest question mark about saving the team. Donations so far, as well as upcoming ones, would exceed dozens of times what was not returned. “Are you one hundred and fifty pounds dearer, or eternal life?” This question had to be answered by those present at the Management Board today. We strongly hoped that at least some of them would choose eternal life and continue and finish what they had begun. For the others, we were sure that someone had made the choice before them. The battle to preserve the honor and dignity of the team and its supporters should be at the forefront of any such decision. Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer people who want to fight this battle on behalf of the team. For the honor that our ancestors bequeathed to us to defend, and for the dignity that has no alternative for us. “, writes in the position of “Ultras Levski”.

The saga “Levski” becomes the more turbulent, the more obscure. The management of the “blues” announced that they will accept Peevski’s money to give the club a small breath, but the fans are adamant that they do not want and do not need the donation of the MRF MP.

Meanwhile, 86.6% of the club’s shares remain weightless. They are located at Georgi Asparuhov Stadium. The securities were endorsed to Boyko Borisov by their owner in the last year – Georgi Popov, who is close to the businessman Vasil Bozhkov. The prime minister refused to accept them.

Nasko Sirakov expressed readiness to acquire the shares of the club and received the support of the fans.

Ladislav Tsvetkov

And Vasil Bozhkov for the second day in a row conducted a poll on the ownership of “Levski” on his Facebook account.

After the accused businessman realized that 80% of those polled for “electronic voting” wanted a similar scenario, he decided to provide fans with four options for a new owner – Nasko Sirakov, Konstantin Papazov, Blue Bulgaria Trust or the National Club. of supporters (NAC). However, Bozhkov also gave the opportunity to add free choice by the people. This provoked a strong activation among consumers and provoked their creativity, and immediately among the options were included MRF MP Delyan Peevski, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, CSKA, Slavi Trifonov, Bill Gates, the alleged Serbian drug lord Sretan Josic, Grisha Ganchev, the owner of ” Ludogorets “Kiril Domuschiev, the Minister of Finance Vladislav Goranov and many others.

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