UAE: An electronic bracelet is required for everyone who is infected with the Coronavirus


While many countries have begun to impose heavy fines on violators of social divergence rules, aimed at curbing the spread of the new Corona virus, the UAE has implemented a new, innovative solution to ensure the effectiveness of these rules.

According to the Emirati News Agency “WAM”, the UAE decided to impose wearing an electronic wrist bracelet from the issuance of testing centers, on each person whose results of analysis of the Corona virus were positive, in order to ensure his commitment to the quarantine procedures.

                    AFP 2020 / NASSER YOUNES

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The agency said that this person will also have to download an application called “the fort” in conjunction with wearing the bracelet, which can be removed after recording two negative test results.

The agency indicated in a tweet via “Twitter” that the authorities decided to fine those who violate these procedures 10 thousand dirhams, in addition to bear the costs of the bracelet if it is lost or destroyed.

She added: “In the event that someone is confirmed infected and connected to the result of the analysis by application notifications, text messages or calls, he must stay at home and isolate himself until the next examination date, then an electronic wrist strap should be worn.”

She said that breaking a house stone exposes the person to a fine of 50 thousand dirhams, and reaches at least 100 thousand dirhams, or imprisonment of no more than 6 months, if the stone is broken again.

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