‘Two Years in Comrade Research’; VA Sreekumar again with biopic indication


There were rumors on social media that VA Sreekumar’s director Pinarayi Vijayan’s biopic would be made. A concept poster featuring Mohanlal in the makeup of Pinarayi Vijayan has appeared on Facebook. The name of the movie was ‘The Comrade’. But Sreekumar’s response was that this was a long thought out project and someone had released the concept sketches. He later shared a note on Facebook telling him about his research for a movie on AKG’s birthday. Though Pinarayi Vijayan was mentioned, he was not called a biopic. But VR Sreekumar shared a Facebook post that hinted at Pinarayi Vijayan’s 75th birthday today.

Facebook post by VA Sreekumar

There is no autobiography or biography written by Comrade Pinarayi Vijayan. My team and I have been researching Comrade for over two years. The closer you get to him, the more he learns. You will be thrilled with the combination of those political lines. One day, many stories of hostile propaganda against the comrade will be rectified for the benefit of the ballot. Or, it needs to be corrected.

Comrade Pinarayi Vijayan is a step mother and son of Pinarayi village. No other leader in Kerala’s political history has ever faced the oppression and cruelty he experienced so much in his life. The style of the comrade is that which is overtaken by certainty. Thank you mother. Happy Birthday to your son … Birthday salam # Comrade

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