Two people are allowed to sit at a table within a meter and a half in catering establishments


When the catering industry opens again on 1 June, two people who do not form a household may sit at a table within a meter and a half of each other. This is evident from the new protocol drawn up by the trade association Koninklijke Horeca Nederland. People from one household can always sit within 1.5 meters of each other.

The government actually wanted there to be no exceptions to the one and a half meter rule on terraces, but Koninklijke Horeca Nederland says that “thanks to an intensive lobby”, this is now the result. Earlier, the catering association still expected that four people could sit together without keeping a distance, but that number has therefore decreased.

There will also be an investigation to see if a shot can help stop the spread of the virus. “If that works well, then the bulkheads could soon be used in places where 1.5 meters is difficult to realize,” says Koninklijke Horeca Nederland. “Now we cannot say that with certainty and it is not included in the protocol.”

Other measures

For restaurants and cafes, guests are only allowed to sit inside after making a reservation. A check-up interview must be held on receipt to assess whether someone is ill. If that is the case, someone may be banned.

A group of three people or more must also be asked whether the group forms a joint household. If not, people have to keep their distance. When entering, people have to wash their hands. Indoors may be up to thirty people.

A reservation is not required to sit on a terrace. Guests are not allowed to stand on the terrace, and the inspection call is also required on the terrace. The table should be thoroughly cleaned after departure.

The trade association recommends that catering entrepreneurs use contactless payments as much as possible, for example via pin or credit card. Outside there is no limit to the number of people.

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