Two Oman deaths reported from Kovid Increase in number of patients


Muscat: Two more people have died in Oman due to Kovid. Two Omani residents aged 65 and 70 died of the Kovid 19 virus, the Oman Ministry of Health said.

Twelve Omani natives and 20 foreigners, including two Malayalees, died in Oman due to Kovid 19. With this, the death toll from Kovid 19 has risen to 32. Meanwhile, Kovid 19 confirmed to 424 people in Oman today. Of these, 191 were natives and 233 were foreigners. The number of people infected with the virus has reached 6794 and 1821 people have been cured, according to a news release issued by the Oman Ministry of Health.

One Malayalee surrendered to Kovid in Gulf, only three Malayalees died today

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