Two deaths and 1,501 new infections in Qatar


Two more people in Doha Qatar have died of Kovid 19. With this the death toll has risen to 23. More than 1,501 people have been diagnosed with the disease, with 43,714. Meanwhile, the number of those recovering is 9,170.

The number of people aged 66 and 53 died, according to the Ministry of Public Health. Both died and were being treated in the intensive care unit. Meanwhile, authorities have not disclosed whether the expatriates or residents have died. The sudden increase in mortality has worried people. As of May 19, the death rate was 15. Mortality has risen steadily since the 20s.

A total of 34,521 patients were treated. Of 3,349 people tested, 1,501 were diagnosed with the disease. So far, 1,88,143 people have been tested by Covid.

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